6 smart technology to maximize sales on Amazon

Selling on Amazon Marketplace is simple. But keep in mind that there are other sellers there too. You need to use several methods to get a head start. Think about your market share as a shop. What can you do to persuade buyers to buy in your camps? Here are some ideas:

1. Choose a good screen name when you first set up your Amazon account

Your screen name is your business name & # 39; when you sell on Amazon, which shows at the top of the listing when the buyer searches for products. This can be your real name or your company name. Amazon Marketplace Buyers tend to prefer a professional business name but not personal names. Try and present something that tells buyers why they should choose you rather than just a meaningless name. For example, "FastBargainDVD & # 39; might be a good idea if you sell DVD.

Remember, if you already have an account on Amazon that you used to buy the name might not be ideal for selling – change it or open a new account

2. Take advantage of the option to add extra information to your listing

Remember that you can add up to 2,000 characters of your & # 39; Give buyers some reasons why they should buy from you rather than someone else, remember that Amazon buyers are called product and good service, so something that really matters to you: A1 a perfect situation.

This is a real Amazon quirk, it is strange that it could be costly to describe new items as "# 39; used ". This will help buyers look for an agreement where they will look at & nbsp; used & # 39; product listings for & nbsp; new – always if there is very little difference between the new and used prices. ] Of course, it only works if you can afford to sell your product for far less than the recommended retail price, nor is it a good idea if your item is likely to be purchased as a gift.


As well as selling where competitive pricing gives you the opportunity, but it's particularly important when selling with Amazon because listings are promoted to buyers at the cheapest, first – unlike eBay as they are classified by age So it's a big advantage to get your listing at the top of the page, sometimes cutting prices with just a few pence (eg £ 49.97 instead of £ 49.99) can get you at the top of the page

If you can't get the lowest price try choosing a price that will get you in the top three listings. Also, try to give buyers reasons why they should still buy from you at a higher price, ie. you are quick to deliver or (in the case of a used item) the item is in very good condition.

Good tip. If you are the only seller, it is still worth the pricing at competitive prices. This will prevent other potential sellers from entering and lowering you.

5. Send Your Product ASAP

Because Amazon sends its own products quickly Amazon Buyers tend to be a little obsessed with rapid delivery. Amazon expects you to ship within two days, but you should try to do so next or even the same day, if possible. If you can – verify that you do this in your listing. It can help you increase sales.

6. Submit Products Opinion

At Amazon, buyers can submit reviews for the products they buy. This can be seen by someone who thinks about buying the product from any vendor. This is a very good feature of Amazon that is often abused. As with written reviews, you can also send photos and videos if you wish.


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