Internet Growth Technology: Will Policy Continue?

The world has become the "global village". This oxymoron is due to the huge contribution of the Internet and how it has been able to bring the world together in the village like society. The term & # 39; Global Village & # 39; was a coin hit in the 1970s by Marshall McLuhan's great visibility. This has been transformed into reality through internet growth and its continued development. Before you go deep into the numbers, you can easily rely on the internet for transport, communication, entertainment, medicine, education, research and development, transportation and much more. The growth of the internet has been exemplary over the past two decades. It is already documented and speaks volumes about how this technology has entered the lives of the masses around the world.

It's amazing and surprising that the internet has about 16 million users (about 0.4 percent of the global economy) in 1995. Today, it has about 2,267 million users (December 2011). This is about 32.7 percent of global population (source: IDC, International World Stats). In the 17-year period, the internet has grown by leaps and bounds. Of course, the credit rating should also provide the people and other technologies that have made the internet more accessible, useful, and more common.

In a common version, the Internet refers to international interconnection of networks that are owned and operated by industries, disciplines, governments and other private entities. It is intended to transform knowledge, information and real-world communication tools. While racing over time, it has so far achieved and achieved all of the author's and terminology goals.

Even the flowering and wildlife has affected the internet. If you are around 35 then you can easily receive the harvest time of this technology and how great it is. The integration of the Internet as an international forum has changed the way of communication and international and domestic operations. Because of this technology, communication does not have obstructions. It has integrated the entire world with one thread and brave true meaning with the words "global village". It would be no exaggeration if you called the Internet as the best and most comprehensive way of communicating for billions of people.

The loan for this secure internet interest should also go into the development of different protocols such as http and https, TCP / IP and IPv4 that can become IPv6 very soon. In addition, Ethernet, router, routing rules, document development model model, domain resolution (DNS) and security measures such as firewalls and fiber optics are some of the technical factors that you should include in the list of factors that have played a key role in doing so. the internet so much success.

One thing you can't afford to skip in this discussion is the role of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C has delivered all the critical technologies in the form of tools, guides, scripts and software to help the web grow to the fullest. As a forum for information, communication, commerce and joint learning, W3C has countless contributions to the growth of internet technology.

What's more exciting and inspiring about internet technology is its parallel growth over the years. Every day we meet new products and services with this technology. It has provided a tangible platform for many industries to grow and enjoy people. The latest buzz on the internet-related market is the smartphone. Recently, it has taken advantage of the telecommunications and entertainment industry's complaint with fresh concepts and given the power to gain more and more over the next few years. So there is no harm in saying that a growing internet trend that began a few decades is likely to continue and bring something new and improved.


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