Emphasize the present – how to get there and keep your mind now

How can you be in the present (spiritual) – or get into the present? Here are 5 methods:

  1. Breathe . The idea is that you inhale. Then you breathe out. This helps you aim – and somewhere I read that the gap between the spirits in and out – it's the present. So really, now, breathe. In. Out. In. Out. It's amazing that we need to be a reminder.
  2. Stand up straight or set up straight (if you are physically able to do so). Just raise your head, bend your spell, pull your stomach and of course the spirit. It is interesting to make sure that we do all these behaviors just pulling us into the present. Obviously, there is no possibility of thinking when we are focused – just for a moment – standing up straight, pulling our head and stomach in – and, oh, yeah … spirit. These four projects take our whole focus and are sometimes enough to break out of what has been in the past, future times, or too tense thinking we were in before.
  3. Say, "One, right now." It's a soothing phrase. It will help you target again. "One, now." "One, now." "One, now." Tell it over and over as needed. Tell people around you that if / when you enter a "kingdom" they could help you by saying, "One, right now."
  4. If you have an item that helps you focus on the present – use it . It could be something physical, it could be a picture, it could be a quotation. What lets you calm your mind enough to focus on now – now.
  5. Make marmalade . This suggestion comes from DH Lawrence's suggestion: "I got the blues thinking about the future, so I stopped and made marmalade. Of course, the idea is to take action where you need to focus on. To make marmalade, repair, participate some kind of complicated work …. All these activities require emphasis and you are present. Check out what your marmalade activity is.

I promised it was simple – and they But we often don't use simple solutions. these experiments when you need to get back to NOW – and see if you are not more focused and much more peaceful too.


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