How to read better and faster

Most students and professionals want to learn how to read better and faster to master the vast amount of information and spend more time doing what they enjoy. If you have never done any research on how to improve your reading skills, you might assume that there is no way that you can read better and faster because our train speed is fixed. If this were true, everyone would read at the same rate.

However, there is always someone who can read better and faster than you and this is because they have taken the time and opportunity to learn the pace of reading and implementing them in their lives.

Learning how to read better and faster through freeway reading has many advantages. First of all, you get to read more chapters at less time, which deletes your information and makes you aware of various things. Apart from that, you also get bigger vocabulary, increased strength, better communication skills, and better strength and focus. The best thing about learning how to read better and faster is that it does not take four years to learn how to accelerate reading. All you have to do is set aside at least ten minutes each day to practice these simple techniques, and you'll read better and faster in no time.

The trick to learning how to read better and faster is to prevent bad practices that slow down our train speed. One of these is called the underwriting habit of reading the words loudly when you read them. Try to be voluntary when reading and grabbing when you find your lips moving with the text. By eliminating these habits, you will learn how to read better and faster in no time. Another of these bad habits is a backlash, or looks back on words and phrases you've already read. Reverse gaps usually occur when the reader is day-to-day or is only half-marked in front of the text. To prevent you from having a backlash, make sure you read in a quiet, comfortable environment without unnecessary interference. By reading a place that promotes learning, you will find that you can read better and faster because of increased focus and concentration.

When you practice how to read better and faster, make sure you practice using easy-to-read text. Don't try to improve your reading speed with a complex technical guide with lots of jargon! The best reading material to practice is the newspaper or newspaper article on topics that you find interesting. That way, you'll enjoy learning to read better and faster, and you'll learn something new about topics of interest to you as well.

You can also buy fast reading programs if you are serious about learning how to read better and faster. Speed ​​reading programs contain all the secrets and tricks to become a better reader, and most of them have money-back guarantees if you double not double your reading speed. So if you teach how to read better and work faster, consider letting the professionals help you out.


The importance of the family in our lives

The family is a very important part of our daily lives. It helps us improve our personality. It also helps us shape our lives. It teaches us the values ​​of love, affection, compassion, truth, and self-confidence, and provides us with tools and suggestions that are needed to succeed in life.

Family is a place where you can be yourself. It is a place where you are approved for what you are. This is where you are completely excited and everyone is there to help you. Family encourages you when you are surrounded by problems. It helps you live through difficult times and bring joy and happiness into life.

Fate is very important in everyday life. It helps us make a strong relationship with others and make us appear as a very gentle, intelligent and likely person. Everyone loves to be a member of such a person. A family helps by bringing humility to people in our lives, which is necessary to lead a happy life.

One of the most important goals of our life is to build a successful and highly rewarding career. Our families help us create a strong future. It gives us valuable suggestions for different careers. It not only helps us choose the best but also financially helps us achieve the cost of education. So it helps us to make a good future.

The importance of a family is likely to be realized when one goes on holiday or celebrates an occasion without family members. It was very difficult to celebrate the occasion or went on holiday without being surrounded by family members. At that time, we probably understand how important they are to us. At that time we learned about the importance of our families.

Today most people do not recognize the importance of the family. They choose to spend most of their time with their friends. But when they are surrounded by problems, it was their family that helped them get rid of problems. At that time, when even our best friends refused to help us, it was our family who came to help us. So, it is very important for each person to give their families an emphasis on everything else and enjoy spending time with family members.


I hate the day of birth – Reflections on how to heal our lives, feed our soul and fund our dreams

I hate murder day. Terrible though it sounds, I've hated my mother for a very long time. I've been guilty of it. I also know it's not politically correct, so I haven't said it loudly. But it's time I admit. I hate the day of birth.

I hated it first when I was in my twenties. I felt hurt and angry with my mother for many things she had done or not done that had hurt me. The more I looked, the more I saw it. I didn't want to be hypocritical, so it was hard to say all the sweet, happy things on the greeting cards. How could I be dishonest and say what I didn't find?

What I know now is that I was mostly angry with my mother for not being a perfect scholar mother. She did not fill the shoes of the Fairy Godmother or Mother of God or the Great Goddess. She was just a person, dang-it. She made a mistake, she had a weakness. I was scared. She had great gaps in who she was and what she could accomplish and do for me and for me. And I annoyed it. I wish she was Virgin Mary, Fairy Godmother and Great Goddess all packed in one.

I also hated a murder day because I was angry with my mother. She was stiff and perfectionistic, judicial and impatient, and I couldn't and didn't want to live by her. I was also afraid I would be like her. Terror of horror, I saw myself in it. We had a similar mood and personality style. She was infrared and perfected, and when she learned or threw something, she thought it was used for everyone around her. She wanted them to follow it too. She had a strange humor that could hurt others when she wasn't aware of it and didn't seem to think so. Oh, shoot. I'm just that-all. I was afraid I would hide her weaknesses and no strength. I didn't know what her strengths were. All I could see was her obvious weakness. Somehow I lost because she was also a cruel reader, thoughtful, caring, creative and delicate. Hmm. Somehow, she also suited them with me.

I have also hated a murder day because I was afraid I would make some of the same mistakes my mother made. She married someone who seemed rough, loud, angry and scary when I visited them as a young child. She had lived in poverty much of her life. She died young in the 1950s. She asked for big issues for her seven children and three sons for sexuality and female roles and little self-esteem and I didn't want any of these bugs. Mother's Day bought all this for my attention.

Then my mother was a sister. I was also afraid that I was like her and struggled with depression and little confidence and lived on the low side of life as she did. I didn't want to have a disturbance in the attitudes and habits of the money she had, or emotional and physical sensitivity and trouble in relationships she made.

When I had children on my own, I hated even the day of murder. I knew I didn't live up to what I needed to be as a mother. I knew I made a lot of mistakes. I could see where I missed the mark. I have a lot of gaps in who I am. I know I have not been there for my children in a way that has had a negative impact on their development. I have passed on to many of the family who have terrified me. In my many attempts to make the same mistakes my parents made, I turned the coin over and did the opposite. The majority of these thoughts could be on the edge, but the Day of Mood would pull all of that taste into consciousness, front and center.

I've hated the day of birth, too, because everything I always wanted for a day was a holiday. I didn't want another bouquet of flowers or any other family appreciation. It wasn't that I didn't like them. It was that I wanted a day off (if I was thinking big) weekend away, to me – all by myself. I never had the solitude when my children were small. That's what I longed for more than anything. And I didn't know how to get it.

Now that my children are grown up, the Day of Murder is very complicated. There are three or four generations and children with a spouse to balance timetables and emotional needs. This is something common to all families; how can it be so difficult? Why can't we just gather and celebrate life and love and mother tongue and the mystery that life continues despite our mistakes, bumbling, ignorance, immaturity, and defects?

When I reflect on it, I see now that I have had a lot of my mother and all of my bodies. Despite their impossibilities, they have also passed many wonderful things. My mother's mother, along with her husband, found a clinic that is now a hospital in Juliaca, Peru, on the shores of Lake Titicana. She was a risk man who took her six-month-old daughter from southern California to the high Andes. She paid a lot of money in her own health and also in the loss of a baby son who was born and died while living there. She and my grandmother both had significant health problems while living there and then again after only one job period and left the jobs they had started to continue. She was in love with risk factors, passion for service, for pioneering new ways of helping, and serving others I now carry and live out.

My other grandmother? She had wanted to attend college but became pregnant before she had the opportunity to leave. She is soon pregnant again and again; She bore ten children and took others to raise as she was. What did she do when her goals were swept? She loved her great love and learned it. It still burns brightly in grandchildren and grandchildren. Most of her children attended university; several of them have advanced degrees. Her children have been around the world as teachers and missionaries. She did not live through them, but she taught them and encouraged them. I also remember the letters that came regularly when I was a child. They would describe the flowers that grow in their garden, the birds and what they were doing and what was happening to other family members. The love of nature and the gardening was taken up by my father and asked for me.

Did either my grandmothers, my mother or my niece know she was talented? Probably not. The term was not known to them. Some knew they had high I. Q, but there wasn't much room in the consciousness. They all had the responsibility to use whatever talent they were given to honor God, serve others, make this world a better place to be, and most of all, prepare us everything for the next. They had a world view that this life is only a small part of the overall reality. For those who made the events of our daily lives small compared to the big picture. I'd do well to remember this more often.

I have trudged with, with all this luggage, inserted into it on every maternity day. I didn't want to admit it. I was embarrassed and ashamed to have it. I hadn't known what to do with it. Now that I've digged it, I've discovered it's more than just the eye. As I looked at the surface of my ancestral imperfections and myself as a mother, I found great blessings and deep roots of love, creativity, intelligence, and sensitivity.

I find that my ancestors lived a service and blessed others even though their lives had not continued as they had originally planned. They had the ability to see great potential, but they were able to escape their high and high hopes and be happy with what they could really do in this life. Not that they achieved nothing, but they betray their perfection development enough to do what they could, even if it was less than they would. They buried deep enough to tap into life itself and bypass it. There is something to remember, celebrate, and imitate. In this sense, I no longer have to hate it; From now on I can say, I love the day of birth.

When we are ready to open our minds and hearts, we can observe the flow of our thoughts and feelings until they reach resolution. It is only when we are ready to dig deep enough to debride and cleanse our inner wounds that we finally find the buried treasure necessary to heal our lives, feed our souls, and fund our dreams.


Enrich Your Life – 4 Steps to Enrich Your Life with Love

Just as nutrient foods produce healthy crop crops, enriching life contributes to a healthy lifestyle. When you allow love to fill you with the clouds of negativity. These 4 steps show you how to enrich your life with the power of love.

1) Decision

When you decide to love in spite of and not because of it, you allow love from the inner being to surround you and enrich your life.

2) Connect within

Connect your love by becoming more aware of the spirit of love. We experience negative emotions many times because we have a greater focus on them and there before we are overwhelmed by negativity that casts a shadow on love within our inner being.

3) Invite and survive love

Being focused on love that affects your actions and how you react to external conditions and people around you. Your life will be enriched when you react and live on love.

4) Use the formula for success

R = IOT – Repetition = Goal over time

Practicing love creates meaning in your life that becomes your regular lifestyle. Sure, sometimes you can find your way back to the old way of thinking, but as you continue to practice, the love of love will be affected by your spiritual activity, so you will be able to quickly change your mind and connect from within.

When you relate to this love, let the warmth fill and saturate your inner being. If you sit in front of a fireplace, feel the warmth of the fires, but if you move away, you start to feel good. It's the same with love. If you are consciously connected to a source of energy, you must constantly experience the warming that allows you to express the love of others.


Emphasize the present – how to get there and keep your mind now

How can you be in the present (spiritual) – or get into the present? Here are 5 methods:

  1. Breathe . The idea is that you inhale. Then you breathe out. This helps you aim – and somewhere I read that the gap between the spirits in and out – it's the present. So really, now, breathe. In. Out. In. Out. It's amazing that we need to be a reminder.
  2. Stand up straight or set up straight (if you are physically able to do so). Just raise your head, bend your spell, pull your stomach and of course the spirit. It is interesting to make sure that we do all these behaviors just pulling us into the present. Obviously, there is no possibility of thinking when we are focused – just for a moment – standing up straight, pulling our head and stomach in – and, oh, yeah … spirit. These four projects take our whole focus and are sometimes enough to break out of what has been in the past, future times, or too tense thinking we were in before.
  3. Say, "One, right now." It's a soothing phrase. It will help you target again. "One, now." "One, now." "One, now." Tell it over and over as needed. Tell people around you that if / when you enter a "kingdom" they could help you by saying, "One, right now."
  4. If you have an item that helps you focus on the present – use it . It could be something physical, it could be a picture, it could be a quotation. What lets you calm your mind enough to focus on now – now.
  5. Make marmalade . This suggestion comes from DH Lawrence's suggestion: "I got the blues thinking about the future, so I stopped and made marmalade. Of course, the idea is to take action where you need to focus on. To make marmalade, repair, participate some kind of complicated work …. All these activities require emphasis and you are present. Check out what your marmalade activity is.

I promised it was simple – and they But we often don't use simple solutions. these experiments when you need to get back to NOW – and see if you are not more focused and much more peaceful too.


The idea of ​​success

Hope can be malicious and when lost can be very difficult to get back.

If you want to succeed in all areas of life is a simple formula: believe in yourself, do not hinder negative external influences. Having a vision and thinking is key.

If you are happy with who you are and where you are or have little desire to improve yourself, it is not easy to succeed. This is where the right mind comes into place. Having confidence in yourself is a fundamental tool of success. You must be willing to invest in yourself and cultivate and utilize your seeds of personal growth.

The people around you are likely to tell you that your goal cannot be achieved. This is because misery loves business. These people are not believers. The majority of people seem to believe that the only way to succeed is a long time in the office and / or re-work, with little recognition for time and effort. Basically, the belief that miserable work experience will have a balancing effect on all important numbers in your bank account.

I am here to tell you that this is an epidemic and have no substance and we must be willing to break free from this ideology and these thoughts disseminate.

The gospel is if you have the will to go on this journey of personal growth, first by having the confidence of yourself, then learning new skills while getting yourself with others who have succeeded you will be easier and a softer way. By achieving this, you and yourself can not only enjoy everything you want but also what you deserve. And all of this can be obtained with a minimum self-sacrifice. Remember, nothing changes until something changes. The very definition is that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


Objective: Dreams With Deadlines

"Goals are dreams with deadlines." ~ Diana Scharf Hunt

Is your goal to interest you and encourage you? The success of these goals seems so incredibly attractive that you salivate in the thought that it is over? Or … should I ask if you usually set goals?

I've held this discussion at the end of the month because the shortest month of the year is just around the corner and what better time to do some short-term goals to get us practicing!

Importance of goals

On our school days, assignments, deadlines and final exams are given. We have cleared and cut structures to succeed, and as long as we follow them and work hard, we will achieve what was meant for us.

As an employee, you are expected to possess special knowledge, complete tasks and meet their standards . Once again, our success is given to us.

If you simply want to let situations lead to knowledge, evolution, and overall strategy, then you're happy to let other people set goals for you . It's definitely easier this way.

If we allow others to guide development, we live for others and not for ourselves. Creating a personal goal helps us explore what we really want, have a passion for, and guide our journey to them.

Without goals, our dreams must always be dreams without a deadline and a guide to follow.

How Aim Help

The goal gives us new heights to strive to jump over and become better. Aim helps you get from YOU 1.0 to YOU ​​2.0. The good news is, you have a lifetime to get the release & # 39; YOU UNLEASHED & # 39 ;, but it will never be achieved without progressive action to get there. Goals are essential for continued personal growth.

Setting a goal is to make a deal without you to reach the new level or to step in the right direction. You give yourself a bar to achieve, and with Golly, you're about to reach it! Can you create goals that are so mouthwashing and awe-inspiring that you can feel the heart rhythm of the heart just thinking about it?

Setting good goals

A good goal can not only affect your rational brain (the one who knows what you should do) needs to touch the emotional brain as well. . What is the difference you can ask for?

When an emotional brain affects you feels the goal and all of you to perceive the need and motivation for action. thinking of rational brain may think but emotional brain gets you . Always trying to work on something you know you should do but can't get gusto to do it? The two need to work together!

How Can We Affect Both Brains? To begin, a good goal needs a great vision.

Dreaming, imagining and your visual goals creates an emotional attachment to the outcome, and those that are clear and exciting will easily be interpreted by the emotional brain.

If you want to be a great speaker, you can see standing in front of thousands of people while everyone laughs at your jokes, reassuring your stories and later expressing their praise about how much they learned and got off your speech. Feel the gratitude, satisfaction and impact you made as it already happened. Feel the relevant income, then set goals to achieve it.

If your goals do not pull you into action, then you have set miserable goals.

Create a mark

Sometimes we aim for the sky and set big goals. This is great. But sometimes it is easy to lose focus on these goals if they are so far away. This is where signs come in. Signs are the magnifying glass that gives us a closer look at our progress.

I believe the signs to be "low targets". Looking at our long-term goals, our vision can be blurred and it can be difficult to recognize whether or not we made progress. Signs are indicators . It is concrete, easy to recognize and a reason to celebrate. They are the marks along your highway boundaries.

If you set the goal I will be a great public speaker "# 39. First, we need to know what a loudspeaker is and" # 39; what really matters. What are the features of a loud speaker? When we know where we are going, we set a goal by setting clear goals to meet … by deadline Your first sign could be: "I can talk comfortably in 10 minutes in front of a small group. "

Okay, I set a few goals, now what?

Setting a goal is half of the fight, achieving them is a fun and challenging part. you have set quality goals and to maintain your goals, here are some suggestions:

  • A goal has to be scored on us A boring goal can lead to a short circuit
  • Keep your goals visible. pay attention to them by seeing them regularly
  • Create a Sample Card
  • Take a little step daily. Robert Collier said "Success is the sum of small experiments, repeated day in and day out."
  • Keep score on your results. Write down all your achievements along the way. Build Your Success! Often, success and failure are practices. What habit would you prefer?
  • Tell people . Some will hold you accountable and encourage you, and others will not care. This is also a good way to draw attention to people around you who are worried about your personal growth. As obvious, don't advertise goals until you're ready to be goals; if you give it up shortly, people will not take your goals and # 39; too serious.
  • Objectives can change. Sometimes your hopes and dreams change after your journey, this is not bad. Your goals have brought you to this point that is hopefully further than you would have been. Now, make new ones and try again. There is no backpedaling when it comes to goals, the most important thing is to watch your passion and enjoy the journey.

"You want to set goals that are big enough to achieve what you have to become." ~ Jim Rohn

Your project

] Activity 1:

Start developing a beautiful image in your mind where you see yourself for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. Imagine yourself as happy as cucumber living out your passion and dreams. Get back to where you are today and start taking steps to get there. Turn these steps into the boundaries and be aware of them, see them regularly.

Task 2:

Let's make some positive changes next month! February is just around the corner and I urge you all to join me by making short-term goals to make a positive change in our lives.

Is the habit or nature you want to change? Take one month's challenge! One-month challenge is a great opportunity to experience a new perspective, new insights and challenges yourself! Whenever you find a challenge you are growing. Not a challenge = not growing.

At the end of the month, if you feel good and enjoy the changes, please argue! If the experience was not fun, ask yourself why, and you can always get back into the old one without changing without the damage being done.

Here are some suggestions:

  • No television. (or no TV this week)
  • No coffee. (like most of us? Post a month and see if you can fix it!)
  • No alcohol. (Let your body (liver) break. Also help to discover who your friends are and who are your friends "
  • Wake up early. (Have you not seen the sunrise in … always? Try to be an early bird for a month and
  • Practice Gratitude (Write a letter or tell people how much you thank them every day)
  • No Smoking
  • Exercise daily for at least 10 minutes
  • Clear and Organize your house 10 minutes a day
  • No trash
  • Go to bed for 11.

The options are limitless, choose one or create one that is special and useful to you. 19659002] If you choose, you do not have to set yourself up for failure by doing so, you can set rules to follow that still contribute to growth.What about 1 cigarette a day, or 1 coffee before noon? l the changes are beneficial to the extremes that guarantee failure. Check out my article on & # 39; Kaizen & # 39;.


Internet Growth Technology: Will Policy Continue?

The world has become the "global village". This oxymoron is due to the huge contribution of the Internet and how it has been able to bring the world together in the village like society. The term & # 39; Global Village & # 39; was a coin hit in the 1970s by Marshall McLuhan's great visibility. This has been transformed into reality through internet growth and its continued development. Before you go deep into the numbers, you can easily rely on the internet for transport, communication, entertainment, medicine, education, research and development, transportation and much more. The growth of the internet has been exemplary over the past two decades. It is already documented and speaks volumes about how this technology has entered the lives of the masses around the world.

It's amazing and surprising that the internet has about 16 million users (about 0.4 percent of the global economy) in 1995. Today, it has about 2,267 million users (December 2011). This is about 32.7 percent of global population (source: IDC, International World Stats). In the 17-year period, the internet has grown by leaps and bounds. Of course, the credit rating should also provide the people and other technologies that have made the internet more accessible, useful, and more common.

In a common version, the Internet refers to international interconnection of networks that are owned and operated by industries, disciplines, governments and other private entities. It is intended to transform knowledge, information and real-world communication tools. While racing over time, it has so far achieved and achieved all of the author's and terminology goals.

Even the flowering and wildlife has affected the internet. If you are around 35 then you can easily receive the harvest time of this technology and how great it is. The integration of the Internet as an international forum has changed the way of communication and international and domestic operations. Because of this technology, communication does not have obstructions. It has integrated the entire world with one thread and brave true meaning with the words "global village". It would be no exaggeration if you called the Internet as the best and most comprehensive way of communicating for billions of people.

The loan for this secure internet interest should also go into the development of different protocols such as http and https, TCP / IP and IPv4 that can become IPv6 very soon. In addition, Ethernet, router, routing rules, document development model model, domain resolution (DNS) and security measures such as firewalls and fiber optics are some of the technical factors that you should include in the list of factors that have played a key role in doing so. the internet so much success.

One thing you can't afford to skip in this discussion is the role of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C has delivered all the critical technologies in the form of tools, guides, scripts and software to help the web grow to the fullest. As a forum for information, communication, commerce and joint learning, W3C has countless contributions to the growth of internet technology.

What's more exciting and inspiring about internet technology is its parallel growth over the years. Every day we meet new products and services with this technology. It has provided a tangible platform for many industries to grow and enjoy people. The latest buzz on the internet-related market is the smartphone. Recently, it has taken advantage of the telecommunications and entertainment industry's complaint with fresh concepts and given the power to gain more and more over the next few years. So there is no harm in saying that a growing internet trend that began a few decades is likely to continue and bring something new and improved.


How to read faster without losing comparisons

Increasing the speed of reading and understanding information can have a major impact on your life. Not only will it shorten the time it takes you to read, it could even turn your passion and motivation into reading and learning new things. When we first learned how to read, we were taught to complete each letter at a time to produce the word and read each word at a time to produce the sentence. This system is good for learning how to read but it is difficult to increase your reading speed beyond 250-300 words per minute. This is about GDP. There are two reasons why this system makes it harder to increase your reading speed. It puts us in the habit of sub-vocalization, and the habit of reading one word at a time.

Sub vocalization is when you use larynx and possibly even mouth, tongue and lips when reading. If you use all of this, your reading speed is essentially limited to how fast you can talk, since you are doing everything except producing audio. Even if you only use larynx, your speed is limited. The only muscles that need to move when they are reading are eye muscles. With a few exercises, everything else can still be and you will still be able to understand everything you read. It will be difficult at first to break this habit, but when you do, your speed will increase immediately. The best exercise I found practicing to eliminate subpopulation is to repeatedly count ten as you read. It's a little tricky at first, but when you get it, you will understand that you understand the text without making any submissions.

The bad habits that many readers have are only reading one word at a time. Again this is because most of us were taught to read and we were never told any other way. This habit can be more challenging to overcome than sub-vocalization; However, there is a direct link between the number of words you read at each fix and your reading speed. If your eyes attach to every single word, it will take you 240 corrections to read 240 words. On average, while reading is 200-250 milliseconds, which means it would take a minute to read 240 words. Simply increasing each fix into two words cuts that time in 30 seconds, actually doubling your reading speed. As you become more profitable, you will be able to add words to the fix even more. A great online tool that can help you increase your words on the fix is ​​ Spreeder . You can change settings to increase words per minute or clump size, and you can also paste any text you want in the window. This is a very useful tool that can help you increase your reading speed incredibly.

Join Now: Practice eliminating these habits while reading for at least twenty to thirty minutes a day, several times a week. It's best to start with a light reading, sometimes something you've already read. Measure reading speed before starting, and again after a few exercises. You should see some improvement if you are in line with your work.