Why can not I get the attraction to work for me?

I'm asked more about this subject than anything else and it's one of the hardest to explain in such a way that people really know and understand how to apply it in their lives.

Many of my readers worldwide ask me why they do not seem to get the law of attraction to work for them.

They read, study and practice what many teachers tell them to do and yet they can not show their wishes in life.

The answer is simple and I will be free.

You can not control the attraction unless you can control your mind! Time period!

Your Ego probably does not like this statement and will tell you it's not true. Your Ego allows you to read this Whisper but it will try to get it dismissed from your mind and left away and convey you to other thoughts.

As always, your choice is to read this, then know it, use it in your life.

Many so-called "experts" and "sell the law of attraction as a sexy new way to get what you want in life. And they make tons of money with their courses and programs."

There is no doubt that the law of attraction is real, it always works without success and is at your disposal.

But you must have enough control over your mind to do that.

Albert Einstein said, "You can do not solve problems with the same mindset that created it! "


When you learn how to think the right way and start managing your mind for a while, you get access to the endless option of everything you want in life with a change in your mindset.

In our world today, our attention is almost unknown and seems to be shorter in high-tech

This designated stunning source called Law of Attraction is a proven fact of quantum science research and is available to us as natural laws similar to gravity.

You know the fact that if you go and fall the gravity is to lead you to hit the ground.

The law of attraction is just as powerful and real as the law of gravity.

It basically says that what you emphasize the majority of your thoughts about what you focus most on and your usual behavior is exactly what kind of circumstances, conditions, events, people and style of life you will attract and live with daily, weekly, annual.

However, Law of Attraction never works, affects all human beings on Earth and is a proven scientific fact!

We do not understand all the scientific fundamentals, but it does not change because it works. And that's what rules have.

Rule one … you must control your mind and your thoughts. It's no good thing to learn rule two if you can not overcome one rule.

Your Ego did not like it?

The fact is that your thoughts and feelings and actions have defined exactly what life you are living as you read these words.

Since you are now, the result of all your thoughts, emotions, and actions you have taken up to this point is the direct result.

You need to believe and accept this truth and you need to know it's your reality! Think about it for a while. Check where you are now in life.

You're right where you put yourself using the Law of Attraction without even knowing it.

Only when you accept the reality of this truth can you begin to use the law of attraction for purpose, not an accident that most people have made the most of their lives.

But you simply can not use this law if you are not the manager of your thoughts and feelings.

Initially, you can only control your thoughts in 15 short

seconds. It does not matter.

To begin to be able to follow you to control your thoughts is the first step to learning how to make a law of attraction work.

When you learn to control your thoughts for 15 seconds it will quickly turn 30 seconds. Then one minute. Then 5 minutes. Then longer.

When you get even 30 seconds or one minute, you can find the difference between the controls you will have. In this short burst of control is when you have the power to use the law of attraction for purpose.

All my whisks should help you learn the truth about self-discovery and live with mindfulness which in turn will allow you to start using the Law of Attraction correctly that will bring you what you want in life.

Without these current moments of consciousness (management), the Law of Attraction is not available to you.

You use it unconsciously, as you've always done, to keep you thinking of the same thoughts and feelings you've always had and keeping you right because you're in life up to this point and attracts the same things that you have always awakened.

Can you imagine all the wonderful things you can begin to come into your life these days to control your mind and use the law for attraction for purpose?

This is when the Law of Attraction really starts to work for you and lets you start designing and creating what kind of life you want to live.

And when you practice being in control of the current moment, you can follow this command when you can see and find the difference between your awareness and your consciousness.

Your brain operates at the highest level when you are in control, giving your subconscious specific guidance with your thoughts and feelings.

It is at this time that your subconscious decides that this is what you really want in life when you use the attraction for purpose and it will bring heaven and earth to your desires into your reality.

This is when you have an act of attraction to work for you at high speed … when you control your thoughts and feelings.

Your subconscious always takes your consciousness's conclusions and is only there for you when you are in the present moment. IN NOW. You are already you can use the law of attraction.

As we move into our natural attitude to cause insomnia, but it is filled with chaos and worldly garbage, we lose control over our natural state of consciousness and the law of attraction is not available to us now. Purpose.

It's still working and winning more of our current lifestyle for us than not what we want to attract. It attracts more of what we have ever received.

Using the Law of Attraction / Creation is not a secret. It's not complicated.

It's just natural life law that we can learn to use by controlling our thoughts and feelings (if only for a short time) to start designing and creating our future.

The goal of using the Law of Attraction is to not want, but to start to truly know what you want.

It's designing and creating the life you want in your minded mind, then activate and feel like it's yours from the moment on and it's real.

Trust that it will come to you and let it go and allow to come when, where and how God, Higher Power or Universe decides

when, where and how is your decision and not for you to have worry about!

Your only job is to know absolutely that you have it when you have designed and created it in your mind and that it is coming and looking for the opportunities that will definitely be introduced to you to show it in your body your world.

Most of us focus only on what is happening around our lives. Start concentrating on what's happening inside your life too.

Remember that what you want is already formed in your life, the moment you mend it and create your imagination with controlled minds and emotions and use the 5 senses to see it in your life when happening and know it's yours!

For example, if you want a new home, take a few minutes in a quiet place and imagine every detail of this home you want in your mind. See how beautiful it is from the street. Make it into your imagination and see the beautiful garden and smell the fresh cut grass. See yourself opening the front door and walk in and see all the beautiful furniture and walls and flooring. Walk into the kitchen and see new stainless steel products, marble tables, and wooden floors. Open the closets and see all the beautiful dishes and the silverware. Go into the master bedroom and see the huge wooden canopy with the spacious bed and the roof over the bed. Walk into your closet and see hundreds of fits and shoes that are fine. See yourself walking out on the deck in the back and watching a lot of gas grill and outdoor bar and how it makes you feel comfortable. Check out the swimming pool and see how clean the water is. Notice how great you feel to live and have this wonderful home. See your kids enjoying this wonderful home and how much they love it. See yourself your fun family and friends at the holidays and how proud you are of this wonderful home.

(This is a brief description of how to design what you want in life using the Law of Attraction and I would advise you to go into more detail like going through each room and imagining it in your mind with your intentions and feelings.)

My point is that the more information you imagine in your mind with the guided emotions and feelings of the goal, the more powerful your message to your subconscious mind about what you want.

You can design and create whatever you want in your mind using your imagination and when you add detail with imaginative thoughts and emotions and spiritual images on the basis of presumptions, send a message to the subconscious mind that this is what you want really.

When you have designed and created this desire in your mind in detail, it comes to life because you used management ideas and emotions to send the message to your subconscious that this is now real for you.

You can know it's real because you've seen it in your mind in detail with great thought and feeling. At that point it is real! It may not be here in your physical reality, but it is certainly real in your mind and feelings of the moment you create.

Keep this exact desire in your mind and recreate it as often as you can in the next few days, weeks and months with the same thoughts, feelings and feelings and details.

You can use this technique to design and create what you want in life, where you find love in your life, get a new job or company, new cars, more money, better health, save animals, help others, or something your mind can imagine and focus on being passionate

Nobody on earth can stop you from knowing what your desire for life comes to you!

Your job is simply choosing a state of mind that you are now going to allow subconsciousness to bring all you know is yours to come into your life physically.

Tell your subconscious mind that you allow you to leave everything you want in your physical life when it's ready to bring it. Your job is not how or when it will come. Your job is to start seeing it coming.

Imagine what you can do with this gift.

The law of attraction is a wonderful, hidden gift we have received in life. So few people on earth know about it and know how to use it correctly.

When you have learned to use the Law of Attraction right, you will only be limited to what you dare to design and create in the future.


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