Roads to Riches with Feng Shui

When I first started this column, was one of the first questions I discussed about misunderstandings that most people have about Feng Shui and Auður. If there are two things in this world that can make people try anything, it's money and love. Feng Shui, unfortunately, has been used to sell people all sorts of things, in the name of helping them acquire more of one and find the other one.

So this week I want to talk about what wealth and # 39; means in classical feng shui and what is the reason for certain common practices that have been associated with resource increase. "By understanding these fundamentals and evaluating philosophy of feng shui, i hope people can understand how to respond when faced with Feng Shui's mandatory claim, or offered in a magical & amp; wealth formula.

Think Vibrant Qi, Not Wealth

The words & # 39; Wealth has a kind of crawl in Feng Shui's technical vocabulary. Feng Shui experts use it as a brief example to explain the output by using specific energy or sectors in property. Rather than get all the technical, cut Those to follow. Somewhere along the way, the term "Wealth Sector & # 39; turned up. As I have said in my previous article on this subject, Feng Shui is not really classical, talking directly about "Wealth" or "Money." So feng shui magic money -Type recipe is something that should definitely ask you more than reach the wallet.

What are the classics like Di Li Bian Zheng? They talk about "prosperous Qi & # 39; (or Wang Qi) and ways to identify where prosperous Qi is living. They talk about methods and methods for collecting Qi and avoiding or modifying negative Sha Qi.

The collection fee (one of the oldest classics on Feng Shui), after Kuo Pu, examines the central basics of Feng Shui, says Qi accumulates at the water level and is assigned by the wind. It does not say, money appears anywhere an aquarium. It does not say, put 8 goldfish in the fish farm and you will receive a thousand thousand dollars. It does not say anything about a ship of gold, paw-waving kitty cats above the cash files and building a fountain in your backyard.

Getting the Vibrant Qi

Feng Shui, like many Chinese science, is one of the ways in which complexity and simplicity are indoors. You need to understand the basics to evaluate complex formulas. But at the same time, contradictory formulas and being able to tell them by heart, without understanding the fundamentals of Feng Shui, are not helpful. Therefore, brochure books are not the answer to using Feng Shui successfully, because without understanding the formula, the formula is just full of numbers. Cake recipe does not make much sense to a person who does not know how to bake.

When it comes to using Feng Shui to enhance enrichment opportunities, we first need to understand the Qi type that can help enrich opportunities. In Feng Shui, we need to find "prosperous Qi". The average borrower is usually called "Yang Qi". However, Feng Shui refers to its technical name, & # 39; prosperous Qi & # 39; or "Wang Qi" (in Chinese) because Qi can be grouped into 5 types of Qi, according to his timeframe and professional level, it is important to know exactly what type of Qi and what level of timeliness it is.

I need to delete a notice that "prosperous Qi & # 39; can be somehow created & # 39;. You can not create & # 39; Prosperous Qi by creating an area of ​​more "Yang", say by setting red light or bright light in a certain area. The Qi must have a prosperous quality in the first place, based on the period. Remember, in Feng Shui, it's about what's natural and taking care of the environment we're interested in, not artificial or artificial. In any case, you can not simply decide that you want your front where the prosperous Qi is located and try to force the situation. Location of prosperity Qi is not dictated by comfort, but of the map, as it is of calculations. The name of the game is to work with what you have, without having to make precious and unnecessary aesthetic changes to your house, making it obvious that you are trying to "Feng Shui" the place!

Location of Prosperity Qi is determined by two methods: calculations based on the property such as eight Mansions or Xuan Kong Flying Stars and with estimates of natural environmental factors. Typically, calculation methods are used for Interior Feng Shui and the environmental factors called forms are used for external Feng Shui.

For example, we want to find a prosperous Qi in a house facing the South 2 direction. The prosperous Qi House is located where Position facing Star # 8. Each house of course will have its own prosperous Qi location and role of the specialist is finding this prosperous Qi area.

Because the location of the prosperity Qi is ðruvísi, based on the Qi map of the property, as it is calculated by calculation, it is wrong to think that it is a standard universal resource policy & # 39; for everybody. It is not – it depends on the direction of the house. Now you may notice that not everyone living in the same order as you (with houses facing the same direction!) Is as rich and wealthy. The Feng Shui context still needs to take into consideration the external images. But there is also the context in the desert – whoever lives in a house that is tailored for his destiny will surely have a man's edge with a house that is less consistent with his / her BaZi.

When the placement of prosperity Qi has been determined, Qi must be activated. Finding a functional room (like a TV lounge or living room) in this sector is one way to stimulate a prosperous Qi to a place. Setting up a well-functioning Qi place is also a form for enabling a successful Qi in the appropriate area. Sometimes, in order to activate Qi, Feng Shui advises customers by placing water in certain places. It's only activating Qi. It has nothing to do with the water itself or fish in water, but Yang's quality of water. Water, even when still, is always moving because the molecules continue to move. The fish only helps keep water active and also provide some aesthetic appearance.

When you have the right kind of Qi, you need to collect it Qi. There is no reason to have the wealthy stars in the right place on the flying star chart or to find the industry in prosperous Qi, if Qi can not collect. This is where the landform of the environment, and the inner form of the property, is important. An extremely important aspect of Qi collection is to have a good Bright Hall or Ming Tang as it is known in Chinese.

The bright hall is not working with lots of light. It is also not available because your terrace is well-lit or you have 100 light bulbs in your house. If this is what Bright Hall is, then all the shops that sell the lights will coin it! Instead, Bright Hall has a spacious, spacious and open area that allows Qi to sit and gather. Preferably, the property should have three bright salons, in conjunction with the three principles, three harmonyi (San Fen San He synthesis).

Have it, Do It and Keep It

Creating more money and having more resources is not just a matter of fixing your feng shui. Your personal destiny code also comes in the alignment. Feng Shui can not fix or give you what you have not (in your destiny) in the first place. That way, you may need to reboot or target your goals, adjust your perspective, change your position and see how Feng Shui can help you, within the way the Destiny has submitted to you. Sometimes it means having realistic expectations. Sometimes it means being prepared for difficulty or being prepared to address certain challenges. Sometimes it means setting scheduling schedules.

I might add that being rich does not mean you have a lot of money. That means you have the ability to make money and enjoy it for a long time. And even where people have the ability and destiny for great wealth, it does not make them real or rich in their fate.

Yes, you read it correctly. Some really do not fulfill their destiny!

Form can show excellent ability for wealth or opportunity for wealth, but it will not be realized if one does not want to do what it takes to accomplish his destiny. BaZi tells you that you can be rich, but it does not always say it will be easy. There is no shortage of life!

Why does Bill Gates keep working every day? Has China's richest Asian man stopped Li Ka Shing from continuing business opportunities? Destiny is only a part of the equation. Being prepared to take the opportunity, make the sacrifice, face the challenges – that's the other. Some have fate that requires difficulties, great personal sacrifice, even going through bankruptcy, divorce, bad relationships, bitter family federation, before they can see the pot of gold at the end of the Spanish rainbow.


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