How to get great results

Most people do not give the idea of ​​good results more than thought. All our lives are meant to prevent. That's what we're trained to do from the first day we go to school until our last day on this earth. Children grow and are late in school so that he can learn the skills to keep a job that will take care of him. He works for 40 years or so, comes home every night watching television. When he is old he will retire and survive the money accumulated during his career. He is aware that he will have to adjust his wishes after he retired, because the amount offered will be less than when he was working. Earl Nightingale described the process of men after each other descending the path like cattle.

What kind of life is it? How could you be excited about life? It's just an existence and nothing more. It's not successful and it's like the lectures of the community. Teachers do not get your hopes. Teachers go to school and get a good job that you can tell. It teaches to follow each other down the same well-worn path as cattle. I do not know about you, but it sounds like a mistake to me. Henry David Thoreau said:

Men are born to be successful and not fail.

Why are we not trained to develop our dreams? Letting our lives lead to what we love? We need to learn to dream, approach what we love or what appeal to us in the hope that we can succeed if we go in that direction and not the thought, do not get your hopes. You need to show up hope and level it up as high as you can so that you can overcome the challenges you will face.

Again, Thoreau:

If one progresses confidence towards his dreams and seeks to live his life he has imagined, he will meet unexpectedly unexpectedly in common times.

"He will meet unexpectedly unexpectedly in common times." What amazing statement, the great Thoreau, who scored the system at the time, continues to shut down today's challenge: we build worthy goals and move towards it and do not live in common with most people.


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