Goodwill Purchasing – Synchronization and approval

I shop at Goodwill Stores. I'm not shy about saying this … I think it's a fun, economical, and "green" thing to do. As I was shopping in one of these fun establishments today, I realized how much of a meditation form it is. It is difficult to shop for goodwill if you have a pre-set agenda for what you find. It needs to be the moment to see what is in a way that allows you to determine their potential utility, either in a creative sense or in a practical sense.

I'm also surprised at how often I just find the perfect outfit, in the right color and often something that fits well with other things I already have. This only happens, I suspect, because I watched the mind and my judgments at bay. I actually fly with experience rather than holding up ideas about what I want to find. This also happens when I need a picture frame to go with a watercolor painting after I finish the picture. I go to Goodwill and the framework makes it perfect when taken home. You may be thinking that I probably painted a picture that would happen with this particular frame or that some frame would do, but I have been told by others that it is remarkable how well fit the frame to a particular painting that was just completed the previous day but you bought the frame. I believe in the concept of interoperability and I believe my goodwill in this regard is evidence of world-class compatibility!

I also believe that affirmation is the key to being happy in our lives and goodwill in shopping helps me carry out verification. If they do not have the clothing I know of in my size, then there is nothing to do but either I deserve to get rid of the damage and get discouraged or agree that I cannot wear my clothing and move on. By acknowledging approval, there is the possibility of seeing something else that might be just as wonderful!

Isn't this the exercise of life? I use the Goodwill Purchase as a training ground to experience life in such a way that I can feel good about what hinders my relationships and other life experiences, rather than choosing to feel bad when things don't go. Try it and see!


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