Direct impact on the impact of the crisis in the southern part of the country

My heart has joined millions of others who have been swam through persecution, anguish, fear and distress as the developed humanitarian situation on the southern border is getting crystal clear. We know the damage that this causes and it is heartbreaking.

For those who are on the side of the bile ducts, this heart disease can pick up a toll. Usually it is expected to turn, not watch, read or listen to the news. It's a kind of privilege that I'm not sure democracy can afford.

Your titration titles, certainly. Close your eyes Nope. It is contrary to approval and integration. What is a pity to do?

In 1993, a study was conducted in Washington, DC. The researchers believed that the assembly of meditators would affect crime. Beginning with 800 meditators, the group grew to more than 4000 at the end of this two-month project. This study is well worth reading. Crime fell by more than 20%. The project was designed to demonstrate a phenomenon that scientists called great radiation that led to an increased continuous community.

In the same way that each of us is more than a medical art teacher, we are more than just physical beings. I'm not telling you anything you do not already know. Remember and give room for our greater potential, the awareness that we are spiritual beings who have physical experience through this dark territory in the United States are traveling through.

It's quite the challenge to get our state in the midst of a daily flood of terrible news. This is of course AAIT. I look for the poles in game. It has been difficult for me to spot. That's where friends can help. Violence, it's the one who has caught me. Conversation with my dreams, Denise Hughes and Lisa C. Briggs helped me draw my attention.

I realized that anger had become my lens. Not cool, Robert Frost. Well, of course, there's enough space for a little AAIT over there, right? Using the universal process of integrating upset and achieving my full proof opened the gate for me to seize this disgrace with a little more grace. I'm still uneasy, it's not unwelcome. Now, on the other hand, it feels infused with a good grace. It's different.

In parallel with AAIT I have been very heavy in unoponopono and loving kindness. This is so great to walk around, like my friend Sally Kempton would say. This combination of what I apply in this way is to bring me back to balance, context.

I wonder if there are enough of us who pursue this kind of propensity for us to succeed in unleashing a continuous continuity. What do you think? What are you doing to tend to offer your heart? For me, staying in violence has not left a lot of space for the sake of full self.


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