Change is unavoidable, but how are you dealing?

I was in conversation with a friend who had worked for many years in a small family business. She started working her life, worked in all areas of the company and as such had gained many talents at the time.

Now the family was closing the business and was actually struggling to cope with the inevitable changes that occurred. She was insecure, lost, afraid of the future and worried about how she would handle.

This is not unusual when we face our world suddenly; long term relationship ends, greet our unexpected suffering, children go home or we have a significant birthday party and life may seem rather alarming and uncertain.

Some of us struggle effortlessly through, while others feel different and are hurt, unused, find it difficult to figure out what happened. It can be a massive blow on our self-esteem, self-esteem and sense of who we are. Our lifestyles, once so very clearly mapped, have now become unacceptable.

How do you agree when you know that the change is inevitable?

Care for losing familiar. Allow some time to fix the loss of life you once knew, that was so much of your reality. Yes, this automated daily routine is now gone; The way to work, know where everything is, what is expected of you, relationships, security and expectations. Accept that there is a lot to deal with and allow time to heal and understand the end of that part of your life.

Take the time to reflect and acknowledge everything you've got The lessons learned, the character you've experienced has been through. They have all contributed to you becoming the one you are today and can be seen as stepping stones for your future, wherever you must become. Relax and decide to keep on developing, growing and improving.

Do some research . If you have dates and information about future organizational changes, take the time to investigate, learn and understand what's happening. You can then prepare mentally and even physically. Being healthy and informed gives you better control and allows you to make positive decisions about that part, if any, you might want to play in the future.

Start planning ahead. Changing suggestions can encourage you to inquire if you want to be in the same place or workplace. You will no doubt have made contacts within other companies in your field. You can familiarize yourself, maybe connect with people with additional talent, or even install something on your own. Could it be good to explore what's available and transfer some of your skills to another employer or company?

Life is not all work. Explore groups where you could make new friends, interest and increase your skills. Enjoy this time as a great opportunity to enrich your life. Many will be in the same position as you and start out again for a variety of reasons. Get ready and support each other.

You have created a new start before! There have been many times when you have to fix and meet changes in your life. Change is unavoidable with new schools, teachers, friends, homes, universities and ways to do things that often need to be absorbed into your daily life in different places. Look forward to bringing your knowledge and experience to this next phase of life and moving a little out of your comfort area.

Do not expect change to be difficult, inconvenient or inconvenient. Be positive and take the opportunity to grow and improve, for example, to upgrade your talents. Be sure to provide new opportunities that are too different, difficult or unfamiliar to you. You were once again in your old role and learned to become a competent, profitable person you are today. Continue knowledge and enthusiasm. It's time to steer it into a new home!

Be active. The old employer does not owe you anything; Yes, you have worked together for many years, but they paid for your services, respect you and train you, support you for the occasion. Life is moving and now it's time to move on. You also need to, so start accepting an invitation to the network, make new connections, join and join groups. Then you can see what's up there and discover what might be of interest to you or suits you.

Would you like to upgrade your photo to be a precious step to take? Often when we freshen our looks with the new hairdo, a new way of dressing up, refreshing a little, losing a few pounds, we find ourselves able to deal better and ready to take on the world.

Yes, a change can break our foundation, but sometimes it's not that bad. Embrace the inevitability what happened or happens to you. Allow even health issues to push you to look different to life, learn to appreciate your actual relationships, encourage you to start voluntary work, allowing you to accept different speeds. Accept what you can not change and decide to enjoy these new doors when they open.


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