Beautiful people

The title of this article probably allows your thoughts to go straight to an individual that you are attractive and attractive – someone you find has a pleasing look and feel. Obviously, you are thinking about the person's appearance because that's what we see initially when we meet or greet someone – it's natural that we want to focus on their limbs – and often refers to a woman in this context. But interestingly, what a person considers beautiful may be different from what another person thinks is beautiful. Remember that the old saying: Beauty is in the eye of the viewer? It is certainly a truth as we see each other beauty differently according to our own standards. But it is a general perception, which is "ordinary", so that society is watching.

We know that the world, and probably most, if not everyone who read this now, feel what you look like is important. It's probably important that you're sure to cut your hair and shampoo it regularly, shop in a perfect suit for you, buy beauty and skin care to look and smell your best, even if you're just watching the basics. Some go a little further in the beauty disease with things like face, body tissue, manicures and more. Many spend a lot of money on bath and body products to feel and look good and fight against aging. And why should not we? And others spend a lot of money on their attire – all in appearance.

Our physical body is an amazing gift and with that we have been responsible for taking care of it. People have different views of what it means because we are all unique beings with our own thoughts and truths. Therefore, it is very difficult to set a precise "standard" for what's beautiful and which fits that description. Have you not seen a beauty contest ever in your life wondering how one of the contestants is considered beautiful because you do not see it? On the other hand, it is the specifics of each individual.

Here is an example of perception of beauty. You know what the dandelion looks like I'm sure. It's all about it and when it appears in the grass, you do what you need to do to get rid of it because it is commonly known as boring weed. It has attractive yellow flowers, but the plant itself is not exactly what we take a beautiful plant and you know you do not want it spread through your lawn. But let's look further into the dandelion. It has some very wonderful features. It is loaded with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and it has been said that if this is all you had to eat it could keep your life for a long time. Dandelion herb or tea can help to detoxify the liver and other organs in the body and has been known to reduce many skin diseases when used on site. So we see that beauty is not always what you can see clearly.

As human beings, we have become conditional often to focus on negatives, so we tend to focus on what you consider to be a negative aspect of an individual – perhaps a big nose or beady eyes, or maybe an arrow. If we are a slim man, we might think heavier people are unattractive, but someone who is chunkier can think of neighboring people unattractive. Again, it is the perception of every person who creates the ideal for beauty.

We also know that one thing changes. Wrinkles and sagging skin appear and body changes. Hair can thin or disappear; the beauty of youth has faded. It is often uncomfortable to mature adults when they find their appeal and the beauty has flourished. Look a little deeper in real beauty.

According to Webster, beauty is attributable to anything that pleases or meets the senses or minds. This can refer color, texture, motion, tone, look, shape, properties or high degrees of fineness. Synonyms related to beauty are attractive, lovely, subtle, elegant, glamorous, radiant, charming, beautiful, beautiful, stunning. If we go deeper beauty, we find synonyms as valuable, have merit, warm, good, worthy, wonderful, gorgeous, great, etc., so it seems that beauty is much more than just a person's appearance.

I have known many beautiful individuals in my life and I think you also have people who shine with love and kindness that radiates for you with an open invitation to come into their lives and hearts. This could be your spouse or spouse, friend, children or parents, college or just about anyone. These people attract others to them because they have beautiful energy that exudes out. We want to be in the presence of these individuals because they lift our spirits and make us feel comfortable.

It is therefore basically what we see here that true beauty comes from the heart of love, for love radiates kindness, gratitude, acceptance, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, patience, respect and expression that enlightens and encourages U.S. Our spirit gravitates to such a person because it is from love and love is more energy that raises us. Remember, your essence is love – you came from love, but forgot when you entered this life and accepted the world for fear. So it's natural that your spirit desires to come back to being in the presence of love by loving experiences and people.

The message here is to look beyond its true beauty. External beauty can easily disappear and change due to aging or unexpected experience, but the inner beauty of the individual is still through mature years and / or unexpected circumstances. When you think of someone again, it's their kindness, caring or expression of love (or lack) that you remember much more than your face was beautiful or not. In addition, their love, which you remember or already know, expands by being so that their appearance looks more beautiful.

Look at you now to see what's the most important of your standards. Are you simply focusing on the look or seeing the real beauty of a person? What do you see in others? Do you radiate love on everyone in your life? Will this be what they remember about you? All of us have incredible value and worth, we all have many things of beauty and all of us have the opportunity to share love. All it takes is to open your eyes to see it! Are you one of the beautiful people?


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