Never let the world make you hugely because it's not worth losing yourself

Create your own inner sanctuary of peace

If you have a chance, the world will spend your cruelty and make you believe that life is unlimited. Everywhere we turn nowadays, bad news is to remind us of the terrible state of the world. We live in the most adventurous period of this century, but at the same time. Press releases are sent to our living room 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the rise of social media, it has become more common to consume news on mobile phones. I avoid reading newspapers or watching the news because of the negativity she sends out. But sometimes we can not escape. For example, I have been watching TV shows and breaking the news magazine pays my attention. Immediately I am unconsciously taken from a peaceful state to a superfluous man without knowing why.

Have you ever felt the news? While I do not intend to criticize the media, we have a choice whether we subscribe to information or focus on issues that are more important in our lives. The world is a way to make us cruel because it employs humanity when we focus on ourselves and not more society. We have become inseparable for human sufferings, it is now common in our lives. Computer games continue through rational violence and young people are unaware of it.

So what can we do about it? How can we prevent the world from cruelty because in the long run does it mean losing fear and hatred that imposes on us? Obviously, if you read this, you personally evaluate your growth and want to become a better person. My opinion is that we must focus on what is close to our hearts and make it to our center. For example, if meditation, thinking and yoga is something you're involved in, it's ways to protect yourself from the world's negative world. It requires creating your own inner sanctuary of peace despite what is happening outside of you. We can still nurture the seeds of equality, kindness and compassion within us without leaving our value.

Our inner sense of peace and harmony

We do not need to subscribe to the drama of modern life because it makes sense to distract us from what is necessary: ​​to know our true self. The world out there will do everything in its power to confuse us from linking to our true self. This is the message that my mentor and famous international spiritual author Dennis Merritt Jones writes, writes on Re-define your moments: Become who you were : "The world really does not want you to know who you really are because when you begin to live unsuccessfully, the world loses much of your control over you and your behavior. It will do everything in your power to keep you in a dream state where the source of your self-image depends on which one , "out there" on the surface of life rather than what lies inside you in the middle. "

We are not one of these things because these are genuine narratives scattered without our consent. Certainly, we could buy in now and again because they have the following way of getting our attention and grabbing us at the moment. So when I'm distracted from breaking news while watching TV, I became worried and entertained thoughts of fear and insecurity. But ok, I was peaceful.

How do you find your inner sanctuary through the mess of everyday life? What daily practices or rituals do you take part in balancing yourself? The key is to focus on these methods and come home to them often because they are our safe haven for a peaceful life. I do not believe the world is a cruel place, as I appreciate the devilishness and interplay of our earthly existence. That's how we emphasize our attention that marks our spiritual landscape. We can choose fear and welcome states, or rely on the internal refugee of peace and harmony to unite the world's negativity. If there are more people in peace, fear has no place to live. Finally, it is not us to allow the world to make us cruel because it will pull us all the way and we will not know how we got there. We must not miss the cruelty but unite with a strange magnificent spiritual self.


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