Discover Your Goal – Know Your Skills and Skills (5 Tips)

The gift of man makes room for him and brings him to great men (Proverbs 18:16). The abilities and abilities are gifts from the above as your position to promote and enhance. I am astonished at the number of people who struggle to name their dominant talent. By saying, do you know what you are working with? The corresponding article in this article provides five tips to help you evaluate important information.

5 Tips

Review your accommodation.

Think about two or three of your biggest achievements. Each individual defines performance differently. Unfortunately, too many understand that someone else interprets. Here I ask you to decide.

Write a short narrative about each. Explain the situation. What was the challenge? Equally important, what was your role. Discuss how you matter. How does your impact affect others? What type of feedback did you receive? How did you feel about the process and the results? When you set the narrative, rely on the reporter method (who, what, when, where, why and how).

Enter the skills that were used.

The ability solve problems. Like the black bag transported by the doctor who calls a house, you get your skills wherever you go. Employers employ or have an agreement with you because of them. Here, what skills contributed to your success in the past or recent efforts. Register. Do not over think it.

Regarding those who read this and thinking, "I have no skill" keep the pressure. Everyone has talent; They vary from person to person. Contact your supervisor, mentor or mentor to help you develop your list. Another option is to start listing all the abilities you have, either it contributed to success or not.

By the way, do not confuse skills with personal qualities or trains. The latter, for example, describe you. You could be reliable or patient. Skill on the hand is related to talent.

Focus on Top 3.

Next, call top three or dominant talent. How do you know their importance? You are following patterns. Key skills always seem to play a key role in what you do. Wherever you go, these skills also go.

Sort them.

Although you have superior skills, they do not share the same level of strength. One against others. In your case, how do they evaluate? What talent is supreme? Ordering is important because dominating capabilities are most successful.

Verify your talents.

Take your abilities seriously. God does it. Why do you think the parable of talent appears in the Bible? Apart from knowing what it is, it is expected to be used.

What are your gifts or talents? Yes, you have the ability to do something. Do not overlook or take what you have received for granted. In God's eyes, no talent is insignificant.

While we are in this matter, our desire is to leave the lane. Let the gift fall aside (as you do something you have not done) waste time and talent. Do not disappoint yourself. Furthermore, what you respect grows.


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