An alien calls for perfection

What does your opinion mean?

Do you believe what others think do or break you?

If you answer both questions positively, perfection could be tempting you and should deal with at once.

Everyone suffers from the mild form of perfection, depending on the area you are passionate about. But when there is a task that is so bad that you are totally capable of it, the culprit could be under perfection. The issue may not be that you can not do it very well. The case might be under the fear of criticism. This fear is well located. We live in a very fast world, where the privileges of states. Rarely a rough diamond is grateful, and we must all be crazy trying to meet the mark. This very powerful can actually trigger paralysis where your initiative is concerned and your mind finds it an important task to even start. This paralysis prevents us from making the first logical step, though we are sure what to do.

The thing here is not the step to take; how will it appear Everyone removes opportunities for less than perfect results stop us from killing our laws and we often confuse it as a general lack of interest.

As we are often told, the following dreams have our consequences. There is always a price to pay, and one of them may need to grow thick skin and backbone. Perfection is not successful; It's all about fear of rejection. If you've previously thought of yourself as a perfectionist, then it's time to cope with this fear of rejection.

We only find something good if we are the ones who evaluate it according to our needs. With this in mind, you must realize that what most people think as well will often not meet your brand. This means that only you have the power to define how perfect something should be. To return to the project, what do you think it would be successful? If it's a book, is success achieved when the book is complete and published or when everyone talks about it? What if people buy it in the baskets but end up complaining about it? How are you dealing with it all, considering that you just wanted to write a book?

Releasing our prejudices allows us to omit all the prejudices we have against us. The question of asking at this point is: Does this project serve the purpose of putting me in focus? As we step out of focus and allow us to work (simply hiring a project), we find that we will accomplish this task very easily. However, when you participate in the views, the job will be the mom to deal with.

Simply, for short-lived perfection, do not give room for general and imaginary views to dive on your space and juice your creative energy. While it's good to set standards, it's also good to set your limits. To know where your limit is, listen to the undercurrents. If you feel like you can not meet the predefined standards, ask yourself who really set these requirements. If they were put to you then it is very possible that you can accomplish the project. If you set these standards yourself, find out why you put them in the first place.

What are you going to go? Sales or recognition?

Once upon a time, record what you hope to achieve when the project is complete. This will give you an idea of ​​how much your standards are and where they are set. That way you can pin the point exactly and you will now have a place to start.


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