Tips for success at home

Sometimes all musicians are working to create a successful practice at home. To spend many hours working on their music, the results may differ. The lists in this article have worked on my piano system to help students create effective practices that will save time and encourage more fun experiences.

Suggestions for Teachers to Consider:

1. Practice means REPETITION, as all physical functions can handle.

2. If we play something properly properly, our fingers learn to do the action automatically.

3. The finger is the band; As a teacher, we are a conductor who tells band members to do.

4. An experienced musician may potentially view music and be able to read and interpret many aspects of the subject very quickly; With some exercises on the challenging parts of the piece, it will fly quickly.

5. Newcomer students are mainly interested in learning the notes properly; Most suggestions for interpretation must come from the music teacher.

How can we encourage the student to practice?

1. The active parts of the lesson should be used to show how to exercise part of the piece; The teacher should remember what was assigned a week before.

2. Repeat always has to prompt.

3. Challenges should be taught to deal with isolation, one by one.


4. That exercise should be organized by activity and not the time spent on something.

5. Slow practice is important.

6. Use an exercise plan so that there is clear communication between the teacher, the student and the parent about the weekly expectations.

7. Information should be included when necessary.

Which learning environment will encourage good practice?

1. A quiet bed with lots of light.

2. No electronic interference, such as cell phones, television or tablets, should be present in home-based training (without electronic equipment programs being assigned for use by the musical supervisor)

3. Practice at the time of the day that creates music creation. This will be from student to student. Some students prefer to work in the evening, other students want to work during the day (morning or afternoon). Be sure to find the time that suits your plan, this will allow exercises to be fun and not "chores".


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