Personal Development Series – Introduction

At the beginning of each year, we all do "New Years Resolutions". & # 39; Over time, I only met a handful of people who are happy with their performance by the end of the year. So we went up for the next year that is determined to be successful this time, only to find, we have failed again. Somewhere along the way we set goals or new conclusions.

Why are goals so hard to reach on time? I would say that goals are difficult because we have to change something to achieve them. I have never met a person who lives in anticipation of the next changes in his life. We hope that the future will not cause us sorrow. Sometimes the change comes to our lives, even if it is the weather.

This is my favorite quote and I keep it on my desk at Sir Winston Churchill. He said, "The improvement is changing. To be perfect is to change often." I felt this at the beginning of my career and placed it in a prominent place on my desk. For some reason, I only read it when I made a decision. Every time I bother and tell myself to make a change and that's all right. The quote gives me the courage to make the changes and I'm usually happy with the results.

If we want to succeed in changing something in our lives, you need to understand that it's a process and not just a decision. It's more changing than just deciding to do it. We innocent innocent steps that make us fail to fail. During this series, I'm going to throw these steps on my website.

If you read my life, "Over the Rainbow" on my website, I know my parents and siblings were taken from me four years ago. I was one and did not know from day to day what would happen to me. This was a big change that I did not intend on in my life. An instant like this happened to us all and left us with an arrow. There are steps that we need to follow to delete the arrow or prevent them from appearing.

You can take this life away and come back stronger if you follow simple rules. I'm talking about the steps in the blog & nbsp; Friends. & # 39; Please feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions about what you want to talk about within the blog or if you want to talk with me personally. I'm open to answering something personally because I found information that could help you or how I approached the same problem.

It does not matter what happens in your life. What matters is how you respond to your life. Remember, this is your life so it's because no one can repeat your life. Embrace your life and build the challenges instead of telling you what you can not because of what happened to me. Come and join us!

o Stress

o Stress

o Unhappiness

o Abandoned

o Suffering

o Anxiety

o Anger

o Pain

o Debt

o Duties

o Duties

o Debt

o Negative feelings

o Anxiety about something that could happen in the future

o Answers to answers

o Internal conflict [19659002] o Learn how to stretch your mind. You have to think before you can reach

o Trauma

o Self-assessment

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I look forward to seeing you in the near future.


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