10 Steps to Capture Your Life

1. Often late

The physician to make life is twofold: learn to evaluate time better and get more planning, so you're not delayed by looking for the last minute. "How to stretch time" can help. Perhaps the most important reason to cure yourself is to be late, to be rude to others and to give you a good opinion. If your spouse is late, stop waiting! Set a reasonable amount of time (eg: 15 minutes) and then go; understand how to meet you wherever you go. Thus, you are not forced to work at a different time schedule. You will be surprised at how quickly he or she will learn to be on time.

2. Often angry or irritated

Being prepared or irritated is a great way to punish you. It raises your blood pressure and tends to create unnecessary problems with others. Wrath interferes with clear thinking and is annoying makes it uncomfortable and difficult for others to work or partner with you. To improve this habit, you must develop emotional development. Understand that your anger is not seen as the power of others, but as childishness and idolatry. It will lose you much more than you will achieve. Learn to slow down and reduce your excessive expectations. Allow others to be themselves, and do not expect them to enter your drum. Count on 10 pieces of wonders, like taking three deep breaths when you're upset.

A discipline like yoga, meditation, tai chi, or another soothing pursuit will teach you patience. Strict physical activity is a great way to burn out a surf. If none of these work, see a physiotherapist or join a group of anger.

3. Confident about the ability to do something

Insecurity and feelings of inability are indeed stressful, but they can also be useful. Find out if you're really unprepared for future tasks. Do not be afraid to ask questions, or ask for help. It's ok to be a beginner, even if you're an expert in other things. If you do not try to pretend better than you are, you will get more help from others. Take it slowly and let yourself study as you go. Above all, be supportive of yourself, and do not undergo strict internal criticism.

4. Overextended

Most overwhelmingly can be a sign of grandiosity – overwhelming expectations about your abilities – or trying to control everything. Reduce your expectations of your own achievements and allow others to help you in their own way. In the long run, being a team member is usually more effective than trying to do it alone and become overwhelmed.

5. Not enough time to reduce stress

This is part of being overcrowded and could be a sign that you are always the last of your life. Learn to schedule time for you to relax and play. If you personalize your schedule in the same way you make an appointment with others, you are more likely to do that. Join a class or group that meets regularly to relax, such as dancing, stretching or meditating, or organizing regular massage, manicure or facial treatment, so you've got a seat to relax.

6. Feeling unbearable tense

If your anxiety is so high you may need treatment. Anxiety and panic attacks are among the easiest to get in counseling. Anxiety is usually the result of an unstoppable negative self-esteem, which keeps you anxious about everything. Try your confirmation and / or prayer to prevent running comments in your mind. Learn to breathe deeply from the diaphragm when you're worried – it slows your heartbeat and calms you down.

7. Often pessimistic

Negative attitude is the result of a negative self-esteem and of a negative attitude that probably studied in childhood. There are many self-help books that lead you to learn to change your nature approach to life, including that ending with you. Technology like prayer and affirmation, count your blessings and set small goals every day will help you turn this around.

8. Endangered by Conflicts with Others

All conflicts are riot. The key is to reduce the amount of conflict in your life. Many of the above methods, such as reducing anger and positive self-esteem, will help improve your relationships with others. In addition, you can learn better social strategies such as active

listening, positive considerations, work-win negotiations and clear communication that eliminate the source of conflict. Learn to listen to others (even when you do not agree) and consider before you speak how your words might feel for others. Treat other people more like you want them to treat you and, most importantly, stop and think before you respond to someone else.

9. Eliminated or Burned

Burning is a consequence of emotional or inactivity for a long time. Most of us can handle a small amount of frustration or feeling by surprise, but if it goes too long we lose all our incentives and get burned out. The motivation comes from a feast and gratitude, so to learn to celebrate every little achievement and look for gratitude when you need it. If you have trouble doing it, sometimes it's time to change your career or change other aspects of your life.

10. Only lonely

Loneliness can not be caused by being alone, but more from the feeling that is misunderstood or not evaluated. People often isolate themselves because they consider it insufficient in social situations. Apply friends to your friends and make new friends by attending seminars or other group events where you can focus on a project or project. This will take the pressure of contact with other people and give you something in common with them. Be wary of spending too much time on your computer, chat rooms, etc. These actions absorb time, but make little effort to spend loneliness. Make sure you schedule some time with friends at least once a week and if you do not have friends, use the weekly time to take a class or join a group (such as a book club or sports group) that will give you an opportunity to make new friends.


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