What does it really take to make a 6-digit customer service representative?

For the past 30 years, I have read so much about how to make money as I know I can write some books on the subject, books that would cut into the trash and you do not have to buy 101 items for each area.

Most of the information is repeated – the same author, different title and packaging or another author repeating another list. Everything how this and how did I do crazy about what really needs to make $ 100,000 or more in revenue.

For a couple of months, I decided to go for a pilgrimage to create a quick and simple list of what really takes to earn six-year income as a professional service – accountant, coach, consultant and other solopreneurs? Of course, the art is easy to read, but takes conscious awareness and consistency to achieve.

What this list did for me-it gave me a precious time as I was pursuing what I might need in the future, it kept me focusing, it gained clarity and best of all I was able to reduce reading my time I also had a plan. Here is a list of what I think at the top 50 – the list was actually 350 – but I chose the top and removed the repetitions.

1. Get up early and start early.

2. Take the time to reflect your day every night for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

3. Make sure you get out of bed every morning how you see your day's progress. See customers who come to you, see the meetings go full, see your planning, etc.

4. Start and use a detailed business magazine to introduce ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and reading / learning.

5. Dress so that you feel well and powerful with your energy. It radiates and connects.

6. Work more hours. (Do not shoot a messenger.)

7. Enjoy your time.

8. Always ask yourself every night, "What can I do better tomorrow from what I learned today?"

9. Complete a simple SMART business plan with a professional so they can get an antenna card because you're too close and because you pay them, they're investing in your success.

10. Complete a single page SMART marketing plan – this is above.

11. Complete one retail plan for one page – above.

12. Complete a simple SMART project plan – above.

13. Complete the simple SMART service production plan – above.

14. Fill out one page of the SMART product plan for each product before you begin.

15. Always know your BE point (breakthrough rate) for each project / service / product you make.

16. Understand the study time based on the time you think you are marketing.

17. The best sales time and days are Tuesday – Thursday between kl. 10 and at. 16:00.

18. When you want to reach the business owner, try calling them by noon. 8 or after kl. 17:00.

19. Passive income is required.

20. Have a strong trading system.

21. Either be a writer or speaker to introduce.

22. Be technically proficient in the software you use (not an expert, proficient).

23. Post-to-list daily.

24. Follow your time as it is golden.

25. Have back up plans, other solutions, everything.

26. Learn to say no and say it quickly when it's not your focus.

27. Have a two year vacation plan with you.

28. Outsource everything that can be completed with less than an hour than you.

29. Take advantage of all your resources as much as possible.

30. Release networking groups if you do not get leads, do not proceed.

31. Leave the volunteer alone until you have created 6 numbers, people will not listen to you anyway until you make it a level or more anyway.

32. Do not allow technology to steal your time.

33. Sleep in

34. Spend your energy talking about X instead of taking action.

35. Write your dollar's goal on the largest sheet you can find and take it to the wall in front of you and ask for it to fix me? Is it a short term, mid term or long term money generation project.

36. The percentage of time spent on short projects will determine how much money will come sooner. Percentage time = when the money comes in.

37. Keeping an irregular office hours does not help.

38. You can grow just as big as the fish bowl you are in. If you want to grow, go to the pond, then the lake and then the sea. The fish gets bigger as you go until you're whale in the ocean.

39. Only read and learn what you need now, everything else is a waste because it changes quickly when you need it.

40. Work with a good coach, one with years of experience in what you want to achieve.

41. Be profitable in creating income-related products.

42. Have a system or process for everything.

43. Work with the Virtual Assistant as soon as possible, even before you think you can afford it. In fact, you can not afford it.

44. Create strategic alliances – people you are very aware of what they do, how they do it, how good they are, how you can send them references, you then how you work together on common products to create something that is powerful and you can not find anything else.

45. It is a number game. If you want 10 new customers a month, you'll need to talk to 100 to 300 prospects per month and you'll have a way to put this up in the process that works well (otherwise your boss will be the boss).

46. Set your ideal limit. When you're working, your mind is 100% there when you're home, 100% there. The more they cross, productivity decreases by 50% or more.

47. Complete what you start – always. Half of the completion of the dose at the end of the day creates the energy of the debt that comes overnight. Payment for this is very high. Do not write goals on your list. Create artwork that fits only for the time you have before that date. The project can be small for larger projects (listed in the project group on one page mentioned before).

48. Create an R & D team for each project.

49. Do not buy anything unless you have used it now. Join it now with your purchase and not "Someday I'm sure to use it."

50. Take a 30-day depth of information to relate your focus, learn to listen, and get in touch with your higher self and knowledge and enhance the clarity of your life, business, career and independence.


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