Tips for increasing speed reading Pt 2

Lastly, you learned about some basic tips to increase your reading frequency. However, there is more you can do to increase your reading speed. Some of these tips can now be used on important topics, such as books for courses or study at work. As you can see, just by reading this article, the author often says things that are not very important to what you are trying to study. If you could cut through all the words that do not want to make you a lot of good, would not it help you read speed? The answer is yes it would! Here are some tips to help you learn how to increase your train rate for what you need to learn.

There are many ways to understand the meaning of a case. You can read all the paragraphs and learn all that is written in that paragraph. However, it may take a long time. It's a quick way that's very easy, not to mention much faster execution. Read the first sentence or two in paragraph. Indeed, it is so easy. For example, take this paragraph you are reading now. If you have read the first sentence, you know that the whole team is going to show you how to get a meaning out of the paragraph. So, if you already know how to use this particular tip, you can escape reading 128 words. How much faster would your speed exam then become?

In the same way, reading the title, the first paragraph of the last paragraph, and emphasis on printing, such as bold, italic or intermittent, you will know about 80% of what is said. An open paragraph is the basis for the whole of the rest of the chapter to be based. The last paragraph is often used to summarize all previously mentioned. The title and the text will be broken down as each item is found in the text. So you know the basics of what you are reading and you send only 20% of the time it would have usually taken you to learn it. This is speed reading at its best.

When trying to learn what is said, it's often useful when working on a speed-bar to break down exactly what you are reading in a chunk of relevant information. That's where using the first paragraph really comes into play. In all you are learning you will find what matters and what does not matter what you are trying to study. If you are reading a science book, and you have read the first and last paragraphs, and titles and texts, you will know what the chapter is about. If you find that you need more information about certain things in this section, you will now know exactly where to find it. Go back and read this section of the chapter. You may already know the rest of the chapter, so why read it again? Since it may contain important information you do not know, it's important not only to assume that you know it all without looking at the things mentioned above. The trick is to know what you need to read more carefully to get the most from your reading speed.

These reading instructions will help you when you want or need to learn something new. As you become more adept at using these tips, you may find that you can increase your reading speed in other aspects of reading life. With exercises, these tips will help you read the speed in any form you need or want to use.


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