The Power of Spaced Repetition to remember what you read

To learn from a book, it is best to read through the book once. This is where reading speed will help hugely. When you first start reading a book, look at the cover. Read what it says behind the book. Open the book and read through the first pages and then review the table of contents. Browse through the pages, view the pictures. Prepare your mind for what you are going to board. At first reading, you can read quickly and do not worry about understanding or remembering everything. It's like when you build a house. At the beginning you lay the foundation with the cement, but you do not expect to sleep there the first night.

In another reading, have a notebook and pen or pencil to take notes. You may even want to identify or emphasize whether it is possible. You may not want to read as fast as the first time and of course you want to quit and take notes. Do not be worried by remembering everything right away. With the power of repeated repetitions, you will be able to remember and keep more every time you read in the book or your comments. Reading sections two or three in a row is a great way to remember a lot of what is read. The more you read or hear something, the better your chance of remembering it. Have you ever seen someone who looks good? You might have seen him once before. You might have seen him in the mall, or even on television. This may be the second or third time when you see him. If you should see him again, he will definitely be familiar.

It is the same with reading. In another reading, many will look good and you will remember a few things. When you write notes, it will strengthen memory even more. Even if you have never looked at your notes, just by writing it down to paper, it will make a difference in your mind and will help you remember it. By viewing your comments between the reading, you are strengthening the memory. With third reading, you will have a much better understanding of the subject than for the first time. The more you read and review, the stronger the less will be.

Many people wait until the last moment to read and study the night before the test is complete. This is hard to learn. Each day, set a certain amount of time aside for your study time. Thirty to forty five minutes is usually a good time to focus and study until you may want to pause. Remember, they do not build a house today, and you will not be a great athlete today.

Every time you read or speed up reading, when you focus, learn and learn, you develop your talents, as a reader and speed reader. You're also helping to build strong memory, as well as learning about the content you're reading. Use the power of repeated repetition to learn much more than you think possible.


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