MLM Training – Questions Are The Answers With MLM or Network Marketing Success

Sometimes it's better to ask questions and talk so much! Now, how often has your upline told you that? If he or she did not teach you that! Well, here's the golden rule of MLM performance management, "Talk less, listen more and ask powerful YES questions." Before I go into real-life questions to ask your potential, I want to share the idea of ​​WIIFM. No, it's not the latest radio station in town! It stands for!






Get it?

People do not care about you as much as they worry about THEMSELVES! Yes, most people are themselves in this sense because they do not care what is in them for them?

So when you're talking to potential, it's important to bring the benefits of your opportunity to their benefit. Now you can always use the direct promotional technique, for example … "Our company can help you earn $ 10000 a month and the products give you better health and make you look younger! Yada yada yada!"

or much professional approach will be something like that …

"So, Susane, I'm sure you will not mind having $ 10000 in cash every month and being young and beautiful forever, am I right? "

Now I'm sure Susan will tell YES! (Yes number 1)

"Great, it's very simple. Check out what this company I'm doing can give you." Finance Freedom, Better Health, Younger Skin!

"Ah I understand. Interesting. So what's the most important thing for you now? "

Susan says YES! (Yes number 2)

" In the next 10-15 minutes, I will show you how easy it is to achieve that goal. I right? "

And I'm sure Susan will also say YES. (Yes number 3)

(so I'm going through short and simple business opportunities and promotion products)" So Susane, I'm sure you like what you see.

Probably Susan will say YES again. (Yes number 4)

Once you have cleared her doubts!

"I'm sure I've helped you clear all your doubts, am I right?"

Susan says YES. (Yes number 5)

"Great! I'm sure you're very serious and want to reach your goals fast! Am I right?"

Note that Susane has answered 5 YES. So if Susane says the final of this question, it's time to go to the end of the game!

And proven over time, if you get more than 5 yes to your questions, you'll likely have a 99% chance that Susane will tell you on a dotted line and become your distributor!

So, all you have to do now ask: "Here's the form we have to fill in to start up as a BIG BUSINESS BUILDER, will you use your credit card or money?" Try this out a few times and very soon you will have to finish it.


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