Is it surprising to raise the lives of uninhabited people?

Over the weekend I spent a few hours with the older man I know. His whisper is unusual. And I'm always ready to hear what's in his mind. As usual, he stood in a conversation that could exceed the limits of political justice. At the same time, it's a valuable conversation I want to share.

He began with the following: It is a parenting project to prepare their children for life. When they are neglected in the job, the child may become an adult to be neglected. And the child can not understand and from where to make up the difference. In the future will children be able to hurt their parents for this neglect? Sounds farfetched. Consider the following.

The average weight for newborn baby is 7.5 pounds. The average weight for a 5 "adult male is about 170 pounds. If a boy and a girl with an average height reach the weight of 170 and 115 pounds after the age of 10, who is responsible for their excess weight? The consequences?

If you have to say the children responsible for eating too much, it would leave the parents off the hook. When you have a child, you take responsibility for the child's physical and emotional breast. In addition, as a parent, you are responsible for preparing your children for life While ensuring that they receive formal education is one side, physical health can harm the future of a person. [19659002] While the United States is in full political rights, because we should not condemn others for disability, race, gender or appearance, discrimination broadly applied by the majority of people. For example, the above-mentioned overweight girl could easily be brought 5 "adult n of 200 pounds. At weight and height, she could easily become a victim of diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart failure, depression, etc. Some may disagree with interviews at work. Her dreams of being a professional athlete would have been dead on the vine. And her choice of spouse was probably limited.

If a parent is responsible for preparing a child for a successful future, parents seem to fail. The girl above would lead to many healthcare and costly costs for employment and macaque. Are parents responsible for these unusual costs and losses? If so, does it mean that children will bullied their parents with parental illness – negligence?

Hopefully, the world will not work. At the same time, there should be a vigilant call for people to consider having children. No parent has the right to bring the child into the world if they are not willing to give the child a normal diet, such as high health, emotional stability, knowledge through education and experience, etc. While it is possible to have a child explore a world at a young age, it is not necessary. It is important that a child has knowledge of himself, communication and physical health. What benefits will you give to your children?


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