Health Control – Now it's time to give you a gift of healthy life

Did you know that most Wellness Home Business and health and wellness companies are more about marketing than products based on good science? Indeed, most companies spend more money on their marketing plans than in research and development.

Imagine packaging and websites that look appealing are daddy up trying to get hard-earned dollars with promises of better health, increased ease, weight loss and longer life. This crazy gimmicky process can get the first sale but a lack of product development research will disappoint you and create insanity and insufficient to take a supplement in the future to improve your health and well-being.

There are many reasons why research and development are important for the success and longevity of each company today.

The pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry as a whole focus on symptomatic treatment. They rarely look at or deal with the root cause of the disease or counteract disease prevention. It is a reaction rather than a preventive approach to health care.

This has led to a system filled with chronic disease and a system of bankrupt people with serious health problems. The number one (# 1) cause of bankruptcy in the United States is due to a life threatening health challenge.

Many savvy consumers and healthcare professionals have chosen to reduce their risk of becoming other statistics for this inefficient system to look for health and well-being. Rather than becoming another pig pig in a very expensive system that promotes symptomatic treatment that must be preventive and work to prevent disease and success.

Although the United States has some best emergency medicine and a general clinic, we get 72 of 191 countries in total life. We are also paying twice more for health care compared to another nation.

Very few of chronic health problems, which tend to get Americans, can be solved by surgery or drugs.

For the first time in our history, the current generation is not expected to survive by their parents.

Infant mortality rates are among the highest in comparison with other developed countries.

Now it's time, the perfect opportunity to get into health and well-being companies that are at the forefront of disease prevention.

You can not trust what you see and hear from national media or healthcare. Take responsibility for your own health and find a company that invests in research and development not in marketing and shine.

Do not wait. This year, give you the biggest and best gift you could give to your family. Give a gift for health.

Join a company that's the main focus on preventing disease and doing the research necessary to create the products that can achieve that goal. Companies and products like this already exist.


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