Get in readiness

Many people ask me how do I get through so many books? And my answer is that I have train rules and tactics. I will share your recipe with you. Try it for a month and see how much you do. You have nothing to lose and everything to achieve. Chocolate usually promises half an hour at a time with dramas and soaps that escape for an hour or more. Instead of watching sitcoms or TV shows, turn off the TV and use the time to read. That's right … READ. Say you watch three sitcoms for half an hour each. Choose three books you are reading or want to read. Read each book for half an hour each (the same time you have deleted after watching sitcoms). Set a timer if you need to keep yourself on track. At the end of thirty minutes, skip to the next book and start reading it and at the end of thirty minutes, go to the third book. If you do this once a month for a month, you will be amazed at the number of books you will finish at that time and very a year.

It's not what we do not have time to read, it's more like we do not take / GET the time to read. If television is not your thing and you spend incredible time on the computer or on social networks, the same recipe will apply; Just enter the word in blank because I have a TV above. Indeed, there is another time-consuming activity that works to fill the blank. In other words, I ask you to change reading for other activities.

I can not convey the myriad of you to do this here in this post. If you can not do nineteen minutes, start with thirty minutes and get up. Give up one sitcom to read a few chapters in a good book. Research says that everything that happens for thirty days becomes good (bad or bad), so try and look at how fast you add a number of books you have read a week, month and year. I dare you to care yourself. Happy reading!


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