Brain GYM and Reading

My day started with a course at Brain Gym 101, led by Mari Miyoshi.

She's so happy!

Brain Gym is this self-improvement technique that Dr. Paul Dennison discovered. It drew my attention because Dennison served as a public teacher and reader expert in the sixties and studied more effective ways to help children and adults with learning disabilities. That's why he came to this technology.

It consists of 26 movements and works to balance the brain.

One of my absolute favorites was the series called PACE.

It begins by taking a sip of water that nourishes the nervous system.

Sipping Water stands for E (Energy) in PACE.

BRAIN BUTTONS stands for C (Clear) in PACE.

Hold one hand over your navel. With your thumb and fingers, however, find two hollow areas under the collar, about one inch out of the center of the chest. Rub these areas vigorously for 30 seconds. If you want to add an extra level of complexity, you can also look left to right.

Why do we do that? This stimulates the carotene arteries that give fresh oxygen to the brain. They help to return strategic messages from body parts to brain, improve reading, writing, speaking, and ability to follow the instructions.

CROSS-CRAWL stands for A (Active) in PACE.

Stand up, "March" in place, to exchange both hands against the knees.

Continue during the four to eight complete, relaxed breath.

Why do we do this? This exercise is wonderful to improve reading, listening, writing and memory. It coordinates the whole brain.

The last exercise in the series called Hook-Ups. It stands for P (positive) in PACE.

Start by sitting in a chair and resting your left ankles on top of your right knee. Take your left ankle on your right hand and the ball of your right foot with your right hand. When you breathe in, put the tongue through the mouth of the mouth, approximately a quarter of a inch behind the teeth. Relax your tongue when you exhale. Close your eyes and rest in this setting for four to eight full breaths.

Now cross your legs, lay your feet on the floor. The fingers slowly collapsed

as if you were closing the ball.

Keep your eyes closed as you continue to lift your tongue by inhalation and lower it during exhalation and relax in this position during four to eight complete breaths.

This exercise connects two hemispheres to the brain and strengthens the body's energy, especially in stressful environments like offices. Announced benefits are increased energy and improved self-esteem.

I'm going to use this series to set the stage to study and read. It certainly had a powerful and calming effect on my brain. I highly recommend the application!


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