Basics of Ketogenic Diet: What diet menu plan is best for you

Are you meat lovers but you need to lose weight? Then you may find yourself in trouble as most food out there limits the intake of meat and other fatty foods due to high fat content and calories. By saying, people who need to lose weight no longer have to accept eating carrots or salads because one can now enjoy their favorite bacon and eggs while losing weight. The ketogenic diet, which once served as an antiepileptic drug, is now used by people who need to shed a surgeon. There are 2 types of "long chain triglycerides" (LCT) and triglycerides (MCT).

Diet Diet

In a normal diet, you need to consume a higher amount of carbohydrates as it works as an energy source for the body to function well and less fat as fat is only stored in the body as a notice when the body needs more fuel. Because the body needs more carbohydrates, it is primarily in the food group, and you feel hungry after a while, but it does not break down foods that are high in fat.

In the keto genesis this theory is withdrawn. One must consume a higher amount of fat and release the body to realize that there is insufficient amount of glucose so it would break fat first and change it to energy. The first diet, LCT, deals with low fat low carbohydrates with adequate protein. Calories are limited and you can also use liquid. Strong diets usually use strict meals based on dietary potassium and protein needs a day. These are then divided into a few meals for the day that are designed by dietitians.

In a medium or MCT diet, the meals are less strict and are specially based on calorie reviews. However, dieters should stick to the meal and make the necessary deputy as needed. Unlike LCT using complex fat, MCT uses fat with higher ketone, the most popular use of coconut oil. Some dieters develop intolerance with the MCT diet; as such, use dietitians John Radcliffe diet. John Radcliffe diet is a combination of LCT (30%) and MCT (30%) ration and the rest comes from protein and carbohydrates.


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