Are you using the energy of self-esteem?

Self actualization: this time to connect to our inner world and enable them to conceal the gifts and talents. We express our uniqueness in a number of ways: writing, working or helping others, paintings, community projects, new jobs or companies.

It is absolutely right to look at retirement as a time for self-esteem. If we acknowledge that we were prepared to make a unique contribution, then the self-government is making this contribution.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow described automated activity as a need to meet when we met the basic physical, safety, love and affirmative need. Maslow felt that we multiply all our lives and that we each have something unique to express. When we reach the retirement age, we have usually met our basic needs; Now we are in a position, really encouraged by our inner direction to be self-reliant.

Usually we have had a normal lord we have served: our job, plan and commitment. In retirement, external voices are no longer there and we have the opportunity to express our inner desires. Ask yourself what do I want to express? The answer will come, sometimes we have turned the sound so low that it will take some time to hear it, but it will get more loud.

We allow others to enjoy our inner being without worry about confirmation, without having to satisfy others solely from the joy of self-knowledge. That's normal progress if we allow it.

The award can hide us: feeling of nothing left, the ease of freedom and salvation, a sense of total adaptation, self harmony, a sense of satisfaction that we are part of all that surrounds us. We believe we are fulfilling our true unique purpose so that others can benefit from it.


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