Act of Attraction – Can I Eat What I Want and Stay Healthy?

Ever since the Law of Attraction has become known worldwide, many people wonder that they can eat whatever they want and be healthy and not gain weight.

Well, of course, the answer is yes – though it's a part people often do not realize.

On the one hand, it is possible if you understand that what you think holds in your subconscious concept must be fulfilled.

If you can firmly believe that eating fast food is good for you – or at least does not harm you – you can eat whatever you want without negative side effects.

Unfortunately, we have all pre-programmed attitudes in our minds about food that does not allow this reality. As children we hear all statements about sugar rotting our teeth, junk food will make you fat and eat an unhealthy diet will make you lazy.

It does not matter if you do not believe these statements on a conscious level if your subconscious mind has these views programmed as reality. Your subconscious mind will ignore any conscious beliefs or thoughts you have and will control your body in response to the reality he believes.

You must subconsciously reformat to have new opinions about food before you can eat what you want without any side effects.

Many will appeal to you when you have worked to attract the law of attraction right into your life that you can have what you want.

And this is true.

Except that the Law of Attraction responds to your inner vibration – vibration based on your views.

Three keys to working the Law of Attraction deliberately are changing your thoughts, changing your views and increasing your energy.

When you make these 3 items stable enough, you are then able to create the income you want – for purpose.

But that's one small factor that people do not realize.

The universe is enough and only wants the best for you.

Thus, you can do the work to work the attraction for you – change your thoughts, opinions, and increase your energy – and suddenly you find that you do not want to eat what you want.

You will find that you want healthy foods, you will find that you are more active, you will find that your desire for sugar is reduced.

This happens because when you rank in the universe, you open a channel to allow good and abundance in your life. By default, your body starts to yearn and respond to things that boast this channel and start rejecting non-matching items.

So by the end of the day, you have to eat whatever you want – except now you want is a healthy nutrient enriched foods.


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