Speed ​​of the smartphone

In today's world, every manufacturer of electronics is caught in the same chase. The chase for developing the latest and well-added device in the niche.

Manufacturers of smartphone manufacturers are also manufactured in this game and since the first smartphones have emerged, technology whose power is developing ten times faster than it was.

The smartphone market is in the same steps as the PC market has passed. This is probably due to the fact that smartphones are basically small computers connected to a cellular data network. The main factor that has affected this wonderful rapid growth, development and improvement is the customer. The consumer will always want something revolutionary, better, faster, stronger, with more features and gizmos than ever before.

The companies involved in this market, which try to meet the needs of consumers, have achieved performance factors that were hard to imagine two years ago. PCs in 2010 are taken through smartphones today when it comes to using processors. After blocking the 1GHz barrier to the smartphone processor, manufacturers found that the sky is limited. Dual-core, or even quad-core smartphone processors, became common features. Even for gaming enthusiasts, smartphone could thus meet the requirements. The outstanding working hours of these smartphones reach limits that were never considered achievable; they simply do everything almost instantly.

Even with such incredible processors, the smartphone's speed is not all about processing speed.

The smartphones are defined by their ability to provide fast and reliable internet connection because access to the world's largest information database makes such devices truly smart. The speed of data transfer is strictly linked to the data rate that the device is compatible with. The slow, yet useful and available worldwide type of connection is the 2G network and offers a speed of 13 Kb per second. This speed dial is still used by cheap, basic mobile phones and works just fine for making calls, sending and receiving SMS, or even reading e-mail.

The biggest impact of data transmission speeds was the 3G network because it transformed almost everything and made a lot of new services available, functional for mobile. The 3G compatible device tended to offer a real 28 Mb per second speed (real download speed). Internet navigation was fast and easy on 3G compatible mobile phones for the first time.

But like other technologies in this area, the speed of data transmission needed to evolve rapidly and it also had to come up with a significantly improved speed. That's where the new, all-new 4G networking standards began to conquer the market with the corresponding 4G compatible products. This network set down the speed specified to reach 100Mb per second in theoretically perfect conditions. The truth is that the 4G smartphone can actually provide download speeds somewhere around 50MB per second, depending on the operator and device. The possibilities for such connections are simply unlimited. HD video calls, share HD movies and videos within seconds, download apps instantly, full-size access, large web pages will be all done in no time.

If you know all the information above, if you combine a 2.5GHz processor with a 4G network, you can probably handle the power, speed, and performance of such devices. However, the market does not lack such devices and the offer is quite diverse.

All the latest technology understands regular people with a giant, fretting curiosity about what big business can come up with next.


The Power of Spaced Repetition to remember what you read

To learn from a book, it is best to read through the book once. This is where reading speed will help hugely. When you first start reading a book, look at the cover. Read what it says behind the book. Open the book and read through the first pages and then review the table of contents. Browse through the pages, view the pictures. Prepare your mind for what you are going to board. At first reading, you can read quickly and do not worry about understanding or remembering everything. It's like when you build a house. At the beginning you lay the foundation with the cement, but you do not expect to sleep there the first night.

In another reading, have a notebook and pen or pencil to take notes. You may even want to identify or emphasize whether it is possible. You may not want to read as fast as the first time and of course you want to quit and take notes. Do not be worried by remembering everything right away. With the power of repeated repetitions, you will be able to remember and keep more every time you read in the book or your comments. Reading sections two or three in a row is a great way to remember a lot of what is read. The more you read or hear something, the better your chance of remembering it. Have you ever seen someone who looks good? You might have seen him once before. You might have seen him in the mall, or even on television. This may be the second or third time when you see him. If you should see him again, he will definitely be familiar.

It is the same with reading. In another reading, many will look good and you will remember a few things. When you write notes, it will strengthen memory even more. Even if you have never looked at your notes, just by writing it down to paper, it will make a difference in your mind and will help you remember it. By viewing your comments between the reading, you are strengthening the memory. With third reading, you will have a much better understanding of the subject than for the first time. The more you read and review, the stronger the less will be.

Many people wait until the last moment to read and study the night before the test is complete. This is hard to learn. Each day, set a certain amount of time aside for your study time. Thirty to forty five minutes is usually a good time to focus and study until you may want to pause. Remember, they do not build a house today, and you will not be a great athlete today.

Every time you read or speed up reading, when you focus, learn and learn, you develop your talents, as a reader and speed reader. You're also helping to build strong memory, as well as learning about the content you're reading. Use the power of repeated repetition to learn much more than you think possible.


เทรนท์ ลั่น พร้อมช่วย หงส์ คว้าแชมป์ UCL

เทรนท์ อเล็กซานเดอร์-อาร์โนลด์ แนวรับอนาคตไกลของ ลิเวอร์พูล ประกาศลั่นทุ่งว่า เขาตั้งใจช่วยเหลือต้นสังกัด คว้าแชมป์รายการใหญ่ที่สุดของยุโรปอย่าง ยูฟ่า แชมเปี้ยนส์ ลีก มาครองให้ได้ โดย เทรนท์ รับว่าเขารู้สึกผิดหวังอย่างยิ่งหลังจากเขาไม่สามารถ ช่วยทีมคว้าชัยชนะเหนือ เรอัล มาดริด จนคว้าแชมป์รายการดังกล่าวมาครองสำเร็จ ดังนั้นฤดูกาลนี้เขาตั้งใจเล่นเต็มที่เพื่อช่วยเหลือทีมคว้าแชมป์รายการนี้ให้ได้

ฤดูกาล 2017-2018 หงส์แดง ดวลเพลงแข้งกับ ราชันชุดขาว และสุดท้ายไม่สามารถคว้าชัยชนะสำเร็จ เพราะพวกเขาเจอทีมดังในศึกลาลีกา สเปน สอนบอลไปถึง 3-1 ทำให้สุดท้ายพวกเขาคว้ารองแชมป์เท่านั้น แต่ประสบการณ์จากฤดูกาลที่ผ่านมา ทำให้ลูกทีมของ เจอร์เก้น คล็อปป์ ผู้จัดการทีมชาวเยอรมัน มีความมั่นใจมากขึ้นว่า หลังจากนี้พวกเขาจะมีโอกาสคว้าชัยชนะรายการนี้ถึงตำแหน่งแชมป์ไม่ยาก

“เราพลาดโอกาสคว้าแชมป์รายการนี้มาแล้วเมื่อฤดูกาลที่ผ่านมา ซึ่งถือว่าเป็นรายการที่เราทุกคนคาดหวังอย่างยิ่ง เพราะทันทีที่เราได้แชมป์ยูฟ่า แชมเปี้ยนส์ ลีก มาประดับถิ่น แอนฟิลด์ ผมคิดว่าเราคือทีมที่ประสบความสำเร็จเหนือกว่าทีมอื่นชัดเจน ดังนั้นฤดูกาลนี้ถึงเวลาแล้วที่ทุกคนต้องเตรียมความพร้อมเต็มที่ และช่วยกันยกระดับทีมของเราสู่ตำแหน่งแชมป์รายการนี้ให้ได้ตามเป้า”


ไก่เดือยทอง พร้อมคุย ผี หวังสอย หนูหมาก เข้าทีม

ท็อตแน่ม ฮอตสเปอร์ ตกเป็นข่าวว่า เตรียมคุยกับ แมนเชสเตอร์ ยูไนเต็ด เพื่อหาทางปิดดีล อองโตนี่ มาร์ซิอัล กองหน้าวัย 22 ปี มาเสริมทัพด้วยกันให้ได้ หลังเชื่อกันว่าแข้งชาวฝรั่งเศส ไม่สนใจทำงานร่วมกับ ผีแดง อีกต่อไปแล้ว และเขาพร้อมย้ายทีมช่วงหน้าร้อนปีนี้สุดๆ และทำให้ ไก่เดือยทอง เตรียมตัวหาทางพิชิตใจ โรงละครแห่งความฝัน จนยอมปล่อย หนูหมาก ออกมาในราคาถูกทันที

ข่าวว่า เมาริซิโอ โปเช็ตติโน่ ได้งบเสริมทัพนักเตะ จากบอร์ดบริหารสูงถึง 100 ล้านปอนด์ ดังนั้นเขาตั้งใจจะหาทางปิดดีล หนูหมาก เข้าทีมให้ได้ แต่ราคาค่าตัวของนักเตะวัย 22 ปี ดีกรีทีมชาติฝรั่งเศสนั้น ดันแพงถึง 58 ล้านปอนด์ ซึ่งเป็นราคาที่โหดเกินไปสำหรับทีมของ พอร์ช อย่างไรก็ตามเมื่อความต้องการมีมาก ส่งผลให้ลือกันว่าเวลานี้ พอร์ช กำลังเจรจาต่อรองเรื่องราคากับ โรงละครแห่งความฝัน

อย่างไรก็ตามอนาคตของ หนูหมาก ยังเต็มไปด้วยเครื่องหมายคำถามเหมือนเดิม เพราะถึงมีข่าวว่าเขาเตรียมตัวอำลาถิ่น โอลด์ แทรฟฟอร์ด เพื่อร่วมงานกับทีมอื่น แต่เมื่อไม่นานมานี้เขาเพิ่งมีข่าวว่าจ่อได้สัญญาใหม่จากต้นสังกัดเพิ่มเติม หลังผู้บริหารของ ผีแดง ยังไม่คิดปล่อยเขาพ้นทีมตามข่าวลือ และยังต้องการรั้งเขาเอาไว้ต่อไป ดังนั้นงานนี้อาจจะต้องลุ้นกันยาวว่า สุดท้ายอนาคตของ หนูหมาก จะลงเอยอย่างไร


How to achieve your own goals

All men, in order to be able to live not only live but flourish in their environment, need to grow in a way that promotes their personal development. In order to grow properly, you need to set a set of goals to encourage the right types of personal growth. In general, having to set seven or so goals that must be achieved by winning wonders when it comes to developing not only personally but also professionally.

The first step in incorporating any kind of development plan is to create a personal list of preferences. & # 39; It does not matter what these desires are and they can be as whimsical or as the earth actually desired. When compiling a personal development list, it is prevented for a day or two. Then, and as part of another step, take out the list, then start prioritizing the goals or wishes, ranking them from the most important to the least important.

Third, look at all the goals listed and start sharing them in the least-term, ones that can take medium time and eventually those goals that could take longer to cover. Remember, all such goals are steps that need to be taken to perfect personal development.

The fourth step on the way to development is to be totally realistic about setting goals along continuity and what it would take to achieve them. For example, if a university degree is the goal and many courses need to be taken before you get that degree, do not post it as a short-term or even medium-term because it's probably long-term long-term goals, with a few steps within the goal that needs to be take first.

It is also easy to take part in self-awareness, which is the fifth step along the way to create an environment where it will be easy to develop in a personal way. Always check when looking into whether the set goals can be achieved. In addition to being cruel honest because without being aware of your own mistakes when it comes to achieving any goal can never be real progress.

The last two steps to meet any development goals are involved in risk assessment and journalism. Last year, taking risks is part of some great achievements, and stepping outside of a convenient area is essential for any purpose. If the goal of completing college seems quite alarming, practice self-esteem, meditation or visualization, for example. And never fail to notice progress or lack of the same in the journal, say, even if it's only used to deliver a timely motivation. Take these seven steps toward personal development and look at positive results pour in!


Midlife Crisis – Be Known For 6 Points Of Midlife Crisis

If you are younger, you are sure that you are not yet conscious or very specific with what people call as a medium-sized crisis. For a clearer explanation, the media crisis is the position of the individual's life when emotional transition occurs. This usually occurs in subjects of late 40 or 50 years of age. Under normal circumstances, some people can accept the changes that occur at the time of their lives, but this does not apply to everyone. Because in fact they are individuals who find the middle age crisis as a very challenging situation as they can experience feelings of depression and other negative emotions; To guide them, this article will point to 6 levels that most would go through before they emerge from the middle-aged crisis.

1. – The Denial Stage

The first among the levels of consequences of the median crisis is the denial level. It's this place in life when suffering is not able to agree that they are no longer young. They continue to do things that they think can enable them to match the younger generation and encourage them to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery if this can be the solution that can help eliminate the physical signs of aging that begin to crawl in the skin. You can follow women and men who dress in fashion that is not appropriate for their age; which clearly indicates that they are showing the usual symptoms of dealing with a medieval crisis.

2 – The Anger Stage

Because of being stuck in state of denial, emotions are wraths that are produced by self-reliance and hostile tendencies to come out. It may reach to the extent that they can even break and damage the feelings of others within that circle. Preventing this situation puts them at greater risk of being vulnerable to illegal behavior, especially with a relationship that is not bound by morality.

3. – The Replay Stage

Men are usually stuck at this stage because they want to get away from reality that they get older and younger days of vivaciousness and energy are not how it was anymore. This enables them to participate in younger young children in their consumption and other entertainment activities. Worst case is when they become too worried that they end up falling for stupid relationships like extra marital affairs or having different partners, which can be caused by broken homes and broken family lives.

4. Depression

Individuals who suffer from personal life-to-life relationships end up with fear causing them to distant people who are trying to interfere and become more curious. They would hesitate and turn when someone approaches them to discuss this problem.

5th – The withdrawal stage

This stage is really just a supplement to the stage where the suffering is depressed and would like to be one most often. The best way to help them deal with this is to give them the space they want until they are ready to come out of their sanctuary. At this point, this person is trying to sort out many things and needs more space as they can think of a lot of things they have made thoughts about the crisis situation they are trying to resist.

And finally, the level of approval, where they are now fully prepared to accept everything they have gone through without being a territory; This marks a more positive change in their lives. Now they are more crowded people who are totally willing to deal with life with a new and optimistic point of view.


Top Ways You Can Grow Your Sales Using Business Analytics Training

Driving a business can be a tricky affair. Requires industry successfully requires an excellent amount of analytical training and examination. An unprecedented and organized approach to business can be important in sales, which leads to profits. To perform this analysis, it is necessary to access the necessary data. Deciphering data can certainly benefit the company in making great profits. To gather this large amount of information, many companies use automated tools and sophisticated software. According to the CEO, a prominent e-commerce organization ensures the correct use of data that the products are developed and marketed according to customer requirements. It ensures significant success for business and overall development upcoming.

What is Business Analytics?

It is a form of business plan that uses previous data and customer patterns to form marketing business goals. It focuses on making new information on the issues in the company's spirit at an earlier point. Also try to reassess the methods, to fix those problems. According to the best schools that provide business technology training, with the help of data and statistics, they can make better products for customers.

Higher education, which offers Business Analytics training, can be used as follows to improve industry profits:

  1. Better service: Using business analysis, the company can predict business development and customer behavior. It can help the industry to improve its services. The survey of customer information ensures that companies can fulfill the commitments made to customers. In the long run, this can help to generate satisfied customers.
  2. Can complete orders in time : To sell, it is necessary for business organizations to complete the order at a time and deliver them to their place. It has to be done at a certain time. Delays in delivering the goods mean that the company failed to make the necessary sales for an allotted amount of time, which resulted in loss. With the help of automation tools, the agency can quickly define the delay media and take appropriate measures to get rid of them.
  3. Better customer handling : Including sophisticated tools for organization, companies can understand customer requirements and design products accordingly. Also, companies can report repeat customers who are more likely to conduct industry with the company.
  4. Lowering Total Cost : With systemic orthopedic tools, companies can get the necessary plans for necessary and unnecessary expenses. With such differences, companies can lower overall cost of production.

Using appropriate tools and technology, companies can reduce production costs and create more customer-oriented products. It ensures companies a lot of profits and has better customers. Better research on cost and resource allocation means better results for the agency's performance.


Effect of speed on vision while driving

Visual acuity

One of the main effects of speed is to lower for the foreground objects that are unclear due to movements and vibrations in the car. A study has shown that this range of subcategory in the foreground of the sea increases by approximately 20 feet per increase 10 miles per hour in speed. So at 20 miles an hour, we can not see information clearly within 40 feet in advance of the car; at 60 miles per hour, not within 120 feet or more.

Let's imagine a driver with 20/20 visual acuity driving at 60 miles per hour. There is a highway sign ahead with three lines to write on it. This driver does not know the area – his memory can not be any help – he must read a sign. We have seen before that this driver can read 5 inches from 280 feet. We now know that when the car reaches a 120 foot level from icons, he can not see more details. He has only 160 feet, or 1.8 seconds, to read the icon.

A 20/60 perspective driver can not see the same symbol before reaching 93 feet – but his close-up image affects the same driver as the first driver. Will this driver be able to read a three-line message? The problem with diminished close vision explains why some drivers make emergency stop or slow down road cuts, especially in great ways. You must be aware of this risk and be prepared for the sudden action of other drivers. If you know the area you are running, short moments of signage will suffice – but remember strangers who do not know their way need longer.

Guaranteed, have investigated this problem, use the characters as much as possible, or write the written message as short as possible. Super highways always have labels with large and legible letters.


Your viewing area decreases with strength and speed. When you focus on one thing, the field of vision is zero – it's usually what happens with new drivers, because they tend to stare at what they believe to be important. The visual field is also reduced by speed. When stopped, the driver's range of vision can be as high as 190 degrees, but for the same person, the angle will be reduced to 40 degrees per 60 miles per hour. Therefore, whenever possible, highways are located above the roadway.

Distance Court

Good distance judgment depends on good visual acuity. As the speed is reduced, the distance value will also be affected when you drive fast.


Get in readiness

Many people ask me how do I get through so many books? And my answer is that I have train rules and tactics. I will share your recipe with you. Try it for a month and see how much you do. You have nothing to lose and everything to achieve. Chocolate usually promises half an hour at a time with dramas and soaps that escape for an hour or more. Instead of watching sitcoms or TV shows, turn off the TV and use the time to read. That's right … READ. Say you watch three sitcoms for half an hour each. Choose three books you are reading or want to read. Read each book for half an hour each (the same time you have deleted after watching sitcoms). Set a timer if you need to keep yourself on track. At the end of thirty minutes, skip to the next book and start reading it and at the end of thirty minutes, go to the third book. If you do this once a month for a month, you will be amazed at the number of books you will finish at that time and very a year.

It's not what we do not have time to read, it's more like we do not take / GET the time to read. If television is not your thing and you spend incredible time on the computer or on social networks, the same recipe will apply; Just enter the word in blank because I have a TV above. Indeed, there is another time-consuming activity that works to fill the blank. In other words, I ask you to change reading for other activities.

I can not convey the myriad of you to do this here in this post. If you can not do nineteen minutes, start with thirty minutes and get up. Give up one sitcom to read a few chapters in a good book. Research says that everything that happens for thirty days becomes good (bad or bad), so try and look at how fast you add a number of books you have read a week, month and year. I dare you to care yourself. Happy reading!


Brain GYM and Reading

My day started with a course at Brain Gym 101, led by Mari Miyoshi.

She's so happy!

Brain Gym is this self-improvement technique that Dr. Paul Dennison discovered. It drew my attention because Dennison served as a public teacher and reader expert in the sixties and studied more effective ways to help children and adults with learning disabilities. That's why he came to this technology.

It consists of 26 movements and works to balance the brain.

One of my absolute favorites was the series called PACE.

It begins by taking a sip of water that nourishes the nervous system.

Sipping Water stands for E (Energy) in PACE.

BRAIN BUTTONS stands for C (Clear) in PACE.

Hold one hand over your navel. With your thumb and fingers, however, find two hollow areas under the collar, about one inch out of the center of the chest. Rub these areas vigorously for 30 seconds. If you want to add an extra level of complexity, you can also look left to right.

Why do we do that? This stimulates the carotene arteries that give fresh oxygen to the brain. They help to return strategic messages from body parts to brain, improve reading, writing, speaking, and ability to follow the instructions.

CROSS-CRAWL stands for A (Active) in PACE.

Stand up, "March" in place, to exchange both hands against the knees.

Continue during the four to eight complete, relaxed breath.

Why do we do this? This exercise is wonderful to improve reading, listening, writing and memory. It coordinates the whole brain.

The last exercise in the series called Hook-Ups. It stands for P (positive) in PACE.

Start by sitting in a chair and resting your left ankles on top of your right knee. Take your left ankle on your right hand and the ball of your right foot with your right hand. When you breathe in, put the tongue through the mouth of the mouth, approximately a quarter of a inch behind the teeth. Relax your tongue when you exhale. Close your eyes and rest in this setting for four to eight full breaths.

Now cross your legs, lay your feet on the floor. The fingers slowly collapsed

as if you were closing the ball.

Keep your eyes closed as you continue to lift your tongue by inhalation and lower it during exhalation and relax in this position during four to eight complete breaths.

This exercise connects two hemispheres to the brain and strengthens the body's energy, especially in stressful environments like offices. Announced benefits are increased energy and improved self-esteem.

I'm going to use this series to set the stage to study and read. It certainly had a powerful and calming effect on my brain. I highly recommend the application!