Why success is science

My research very well proves that they can be achieved consistently by making "certain things in a certain way." I have also found that "as a cause of production as an effect." Therefore, if you and I constantly use the same thinking process and actions of these very successful individuals, we must produce the same results. Therefore, the success of absolute science. If you use the principles (thoughts and actions) of the maximum, you will accelerate your sales and lifespan far beyond your current level. Put it for testing.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in his best book, Psychocybernetics talks about our daily activities that are the direct result of our habits. Since your actions are the cause of your results, it is reasonable to assume that your practices are what absolutely results in the results you receive. Habits are what you and I do naturally and automatically, without thinking. These practices have been conditioned at a very young age and are now collected in our unconscious mind. According to Maltz, if you want to change your success, you must begin to form new habits. In other words, you must change what you do automatically.

Your current thinking about your abilities, your product, and your industry is common – and we call it programming. This programming is buried in your unconscious mind and it drives your behavior every day.

These plans, or mindset, came from external sources and we often take them without question. Many of our thoughts contain lack and limitation because a parent, teacher, trainer or other person we wish would like to protect us from disappointment. They told us to "be realistic", "do not expect too much," "life is difficult" and many other disempowering attitudes. As soon as you accept their programs, you run your behavior and often limit your success. The following are the first steps to building top dealer practices. A routine that will drive massive action and create amazing results!

  1. Set clear and measurable goals. Make it one you're excited to succeed. The human spirit will not invest in the medium – so if you want to succeed in more than limiting habits, your goal will be to create passion! When you set your goals, two things are important: it must be selective and measurable. Write "I'm making $ 70,000" against "I want to make more money." When your goal is measurable, you must know exactly when it is achieved.
  2. Write your goal in modern times. This causes you to be fully connected to your goal. Your unconscious mind is totally deductible and it takes all that your conscious mind gives it without question. That's why proper discourse is important. Write your goal as "I'm so happy that I get a minimum of $ 70,000 a year" against "I want to earn $ 70,000 a year." Write your goal as you have it right now.
  3. Write your goal every day, take it wherever you go, and read it as often as possible. Remember that you are developing practices of great success – new ways to think and work. If you are tired or you think this step is unnecessary, realize that it took many years to create existing programming and it will take a lot of effort to replace it.
  4. Engage and make your daily decisions with your goals in mind. In other words, ask yourself the question: "What decision would I make now or what action would I take now as a $ 70,000 income company?" When you answer the question – act! If you work based on your current status, you will continue to create your current results.

Whenever you experience frustration with these steps, realize that it stems from your old programming and tries to push you back to old behavior. The master's letter is the one who has the ability to control himself – and follow it!

Join these 4 steps for 30 days. I promise that it will positively affect sales and life tests.


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