Who needs as mentality and why?

As mentally and not as mentally: It turns out they are all alike! And they all reflect us! If you're content with the mindset yourself, it's because they reflect the part you want and own. The discomfort that people who are not so minded give you comes from the fact that they reflect the part you do not like and you reject.

I know everyone seeks to be surrounded by people who support, motivate and easy to live around because they share our goals, values, lifestyle, philosophy of life, principles and standards. And of course, we avoid those that are just the opposite.

But when you want to try to prevent companies that are not as minded, you have to pause asking yourself what is happening. The answer is simple but very important. We see in others everything we do not want to see in ourselves. We usually try to ignore our part we are not proud to hide or deny. And this is especially the problem – it continues to draw attention to us (and we continue to attract people who reflect our shadow and call us) until we know and integrate our own dark side.

By avoiding people who are not as minded, avoiding being with ourselves or rather with the part we have not yet acknowledged. We easily say: "I will not play with you because you are not like me" (dictator in the role of the victim). But we must always remember that the world is not neutral. There is always a product of who we are. So if we do not like it, we should not try to change it, avoid it or ignore it. We should turn in and get to know ourselves. If we approach this task with perfect honesty, we will discover what is inside exactly the same as what we see outside of us (whether we like it or not). And if we do not like the projection then we have some internal work to do.

Yes, there is no doubt that it is much easier to live among the same mindset. But it is much more informative to live with (obviously) not as similar thoughts. The former model lulls you in fading bliss. The latter type reflects your own shadow – the part you need to describe, acknowledge and transform.


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