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The average reading speed is 250 words per minute. Most people are very happy with it, but there is no reason why you can not read 300 words per minute without making major changes to how you read.

Being able to read only a few extra words per minute faster will raise the words per minute score significantly.

If you read reading speed is below average, it may not be because you're just a slow reader but because you've got some bad practices that slow you down.

Here are some simple tips that are so simple to do, but not many people use these reading methods.

  • Use your finger, pencil, pen, bookmark, or something that you want your eyes focused on the text you want to read. Simply hold your finger over the words in the sentence you read. Hold your eye in front of your finger as you move it over the page.
  • The beginning and end of a case usually contain important things, so that you can concentrate mostly on these things.
  • Try to skip words like "" and "etc.. Words like they appear so often in text but not enough to delete that time!
  • Monitor your reading speed. In a week try yourself to see how many words you can read in a minute. Just doing this alone can increase your reading speed.
  • Do not read all sentences again. It sounds stupid but most of us carry out eight tell us to read the same lines more than once. We are used to doing what we do not even see.

It's not simple to do that in the above suggestions. Even to doing one or two of them will help you to read faster. Once you've done it yourself, you do it automatically and will not notice that you do anything else but you can still read faster.

Possible important The best tip I can give is to keep track of your reading speed. Even if you do not do any of the ones you should do, you should do that if you're interested in increasing your reading speed with minimal effort! Seeing your words per minute Increasing a little time a week will encourage you to read faster next week. If your reading speed drops, you will be encouraged to do the next time. It really works, so do it!


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