Sanity in a monetary crisis

Stressed out about money?

It feels like a tsunami destiny. It sucks you further down as you wonder how you got into this mess. You really start drowning, looking for air, when you do not seem to find clarity about how to fix it today! Whatever your turn looks like a dead end.

I understand. I've been there once!

My advice? Stop your head Put the analysis on hold for a moment … or two. Allow yourself to experience the full emotional response you need to have this situation. If you feel helpless, let it bubble up.

Mad like you? Let it tear. Fully licensed here.

It feels insufficient. It feels like you do not control. It really feels like a fierce thing when you know that you could do something different to avoid this mess.

But you're here. So be here in full.

NOTE: Do not allow this process to happen in front of anyone who tries to fix or focus on you.

Once you've done your reaction, you can go on. But do not take action yet.

You must not only think clearly before you work, but you will be able to give all your attention where you want to land beyond this crisis. Clearly explain the results you want – not just to solve this crisis, but also to stop the behavior and routine that helped you come here.

Start looking back to see what features and patterns of thinking need to change. You can do this on your own or use your budget, accountant and / or coach to sort through the rubble.

Next, ask yourself if there is any action that will give you a breathing room. You may need to ask some difficult questions about people you do not want to ask. I had to call my budget on more than one occasion to withdraw money from my investments to pay for unexpected tax accounts.

Take the time to evaluate your overall financial picture … without emotional breakdown. Knowing your numbers are very powerful, even if you do not like what they say. It can even calm your nerves. If you have been denied this may be awakened. However, it gives you a sense of control.

Now you are ready to think about solutions that make you feel comfortable. The first options that come to mind are generally what seems like a negative delivery if you take them. Do not continue.

Are you sure you're making this change? Do you see the possibility of becoming a person who has a stable relationship with money? You do not have to feel absolutely sure about the future, but you must have a spark of hope.

Pause how long this process can take you. One foot in front of the other. Breathe. Deep breath.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, although you may have to look really good to see it. It's important to have someone to log in during this process.

I turned into a three-year financial crisis for less than a year. As a result of thinking differently and taking child care, my income doubles. The main focus was to evaluate every little effort I made. I did not allow myself to sink into a black hole and think how slow the process was for me.

I stopped judging me.

You can also do this. You are not stuck. Consider yourself, completely healthy and take a baby now. When you're done, breathe more.

I mess you up!


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