Pros and cons of sexual practices

As technology evolves, scientific processing is rapidly evolving. With modern devices inspired by scientists these days, they can find solutions to problems that seem impossible in the past. In the past, parents have no ability to choose the children's gender. Even the thought of managing a boy or girl's child is immediately rejected by an ordinary person as it is simply unimaginable.

With the revolution in science, with the help of modern technology, scientists and physicians have created procedures that made it happen. There are now many couples, individuals and future parents who are very willing to undergo certain procedures or seek strategies so that they can think of a child with the gender they want. Sexual processes have now become very popular as it shows a lot of benefits. However, it also has its own set of disadvantages.

Gender Choices

Having a chance to choose a future child's gender gives people of certain cultures and has a lot of benefits. It could not be denied that a lot of people who still believe that the male is more powerful in society than the woman. Although people are more open these days, there are still those who have this mindset. Men are considered by someone to have more power in society. They are considered to be family leaders and are chosen as leaders in various sectors of society.

It may also be possible to have a male child as he is able to inherit the property's property in the future. It is also the man who can bear a family name after marriage, which is considered a great advantage for most of me now. Some now also have the opportunity to have children of different sexes. Some people prefer to have children with girls and boys rather than having children with all girls or children.

Disadvantages of Gender Choices

The first biggest downside is the method that doctors use to make sexual choices possible. To be able to go through these scientific research, you must be ready to spend a lot. You must have at least above average income to undergo processes such as in vitro fertilization or IVF, for transplant and the like. While many people are fit for these procedures, not everyone is eager to take advantage of them.

Another big drawback is that sex selection can cause imbalances in society. There are even countries that forbid it because of this only reason. It is also considered to be abnormal or immoral in some groups and, according to some studies, it may result in neglect of a less preferred gender.

If you intend to choose sexual practices, take into account the advantages and disadvantages it may offer. Opinions about these factors vary greatly, so it is important that you first understand all the factors involved before making the final decision.


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