Personal meaning is not about selling yourself

In the case of a product, the purpose of a brand is to attract customers. Another reason for branding is to interact with certain audiences when you have different types in the same category. For example, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas brand sportswear and each service are different viewers.

How do I mean?

For a person, meaning occurs in many ways. Your relationship style, suit, value, and belief system are all part of a personal brand. It's who you are, what you want, what you do, where you come from. Knowing yourself inside out helps to know which part of your brand you want to share more, what things need to be reinforced, which part is not serving your goals.

People change such brand changes

Trademarks evolve over time. What you were when you were 5 years old and what you are today is different. Your beliefs have changed. Believing on Santa is probably part of your youth! Your current brand extends to beliefs that are consistent with your life experience. Religions and values ​​are part of the invisible part of the "iceberg". Your clothing style is part of your public brand.

Customize Your Personal Brand for Your Purposes

The importance of each brand in your brand depends on your goals and what works for you to achieve excellent quality. The project manager would require analytical ideas, organizational skills, Prince 2 certification as some of the tools needed to succeed. What would distinguish from a promoter to another is how effective is their personal brand. By collecting uncertainty / fear of one and controlling one's emotions when the maximum is high determines, to a large extent, who get a job or promotion or a very sent deal. Getting the best education is definitely an asset. Strong interactive skills (communication, connectivity management) are equally important, if not, more criticized for acquiring for a strong personal brand. Being a great communicator is all about knowing how best you interact!

Our personal brand is our magnet

Personal branding takes place when we die, go out with friends or join the family. Our value, cultural criteria, emotional management determines who we are as friends, potential partners. Relationship with family members is determined by how well we understand what makes or breaks relationships.

Successful brand is about encouraging others to change others.

What we use to brand us depends on contextual circumstances, those we are in contact with and how much weather is. The popularity of a personal brand will also depend on how far we can go to adjust our brand to connect with others. If punctuality is a core value and having to work with time-consuming people is more fluid, we need to assess the importance of punctuality as the basis of our values. Expect people to change so that it fits our needs is not realistic. Leading an example is a possible option as it encourages the person to meet you halfway.

In short, your personal brand is not about marketing yourself or having good PR skills. It's not an exact science. It requires the will, commitment and discipline to agree, understand and know what works best for its own powerful brand.


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