New view of self-development

I know there are many who are very careful or sitting on the fence & # 39; In the case of subjects such as psychological development and probability, and I think this is because these ranges have been badly shortened by using their own jargon like linking and # 39; and five dimensional portals & # 39; which sounds very mysterious and strange to those who are not part of such groups or circles. So what I really want to do is to reduce the concepts of psychological development and grammar by linking them to the natural processes of human development and scientific and psychological research based on this development.

A simple definition of probability was the study and implementation of principles that relate to mind and reality beyond our understanding of everyday life. This means a comprehensive and expanded thought frame, but is now taught at the educational institutions.

I have made a statement that spiritually or spiritually & # 39; Growth can be regarded as related to natural self-esteem, have a preliminary career path and are part of a growth context that involves responding to new talents related to emotions, thinking and if we accept that we have all the higher, more spiritual and moral aspects (sometimes called higher or genuine self in psychology), this could look like a self-esteem, and both personal growth and probability could be considered as having the goal of achieving self-confidence.

Of course, doctrines include a number of others & # 39; opinions or ideas about life, death and what happens after death, some of which may seem radical and you could argue that these ideas are simply another set of dogmatic beliefs. However, there is an important difference, as philosophy encourages free thinking and provides an open self-esteem and reality that focuses on the development of consciousness, as each individual is encouraged to find his own way. The truth is discovered in the hearts of those who are sincere in their quest and who can decide this for themselves.

In order to state my previous statement that psychological development can relate to self-development, it appears that in most philosophical theories, similar courses or personal development training, encourage each individual to cope with important emotional and psychological barriers to growth, with emotional feelings, self-reliant thoughts and attitudes and closed thinking ideas. I personally do not believe that self-confidence can be gained from fear-based thoughts and habits based on unpleasant experiences and memories of the past.

Self-assessment (IQ)

Metaphysical practice aims at self-awareness, emotional and psychological change and learning of new abilities designed to release the true creative power of the mind, build a new level of self-esteem and self-esteem develop latent talent that we all have.

It is a well-known fact that meditation improves thought and increases creativity. At the beginning of the process of development or continuity, philosophy promotes presentations such as meditation and visualization for the purpose of self-esteem and self-esteem, a radical increase in thought, increased understanding of depth, deeper self-knowledge and self-esteem and self-esteem. Thus, these practices are in the same way as training or counseling.

Emotional Development (EQ)

The next part of the process involves achieving emotional well-being or emotional intelligence, which means developing empathy for others, analyzing and managing their own feelings and achieving emotional resilience to the daily challenges that may be stressful. An emotional remedy is also necessary as we release long-lasting feelings from the past, such as anger and resentment, and learn to forgive others and ourselves about past mistakes. This would apply to normal human development and training in grammar.

When it comes to emotional well-being, meditation is an accepted practice in some types of treatment. It has also been shown that it is useful as a means of emphasizing, as well as increasing understanding of governance, which is certainly related to self-development.

Increased level of coordination as a complication of better emotional intelligence (EQ) would lead to increased moral awareness, which could also be linked to a metaphysical manner involving man's brotherhood and the human service component.

Mind development.

Metaphysical practices also require a clear and open mind. This means having to deal with old-fashioned ideas, self-limiting beliefs and unwanted emotional devrises & # 39; from the past and & # 39; modifier and # 39; to more comprehensive or holistic thinking ideas. Both self-development and probability stimulate to cleanse or cure a process, as well as adopt flexible thinking that enables us to work out and utilize new insights and experiences.

Evolution of Spiritual Evidence or Spiritual Spying
However, the probability is based on normal daily self-development to build relationships with our subconscious ideas, which will provide the underlying power for advanced new talents, such as increased understanding of perception , intuitive, psychological vision and practice of higher self or soul. This meeting / bringing with a true human image could be viewed as automation and seen as the top of the development or end of self-development continuously.


Psychological and spiritual development introduced in philosophy follows a path similar to normal self-development, but embraces this process to include the highest possible self-assessment. Thus, it could be seen as having a foundation in human psychology and developmental processes.


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