Is winning prize important for business growth?

Praise does not really reflect your skills. But still it's a proud moment for you, and as others followed the pattern.

Next year, more fun on stage with more compliments and more handshakes, but during this period bubbles burst around your compliment. You came to the conclusion that your business is not faced with this compliment and it seems to be trivial.

This post is not intended to make you disagree with your success, but to achieve or serve the purpose of expanding your business to a greater extent and acknowledging related people.

This post is also intended to keep in mind that no prize can justify any work in true spirits because each job has different variables. So, how can a prize be done right for two different works that are made under different variables and different conditions that are nominated or compared! The fundamentals themselves are false.

That's why it's not just about the credibility of awards (which is also a matter of some awards), but it's a matter of judging work on the ground, which is impossible for all assigned agencies to provide.

Have any customers asked that we will give you a short or a prize win only if you have won a prize in the past? Has any buyer told you we would get a higher cost if you have won a prize?

So the prize is purely to rub yourself, your customers and employees then show their bosses. It's real value.

But when we talk about growth interests, it's all about the competition of ideas, creativity, cost, experience and bandwidth of resources, resources, etc.

Here is a contest to win prizes such as climbing uphill which is not maximum.

6 things to grow in business …

1) Make a bond with the guild

Do not be exonerated on a regular basis about your magnificent work. Distribute your work to the maximum of people related to your industry. Not necessarily to your customers only. Reach them and create bonds with the same group that can increase your business.

2) Your Nestle Fan

Enable the group of your secret fan because they are your trump card. Without your knowledge, they refer you or your service to their personal groups. They can quickly redirect your work to your work and manage your success.

3) Receive feedback for your service

It's an absolute factor in the growth of your business and brings the real reward for your work in a real sense. Consumers provide "feedback" to provide insight into product service or quality received from you, but it completely recognizes your work. With a technology-based business architecture, it's easy to reach viewers and search for "Reviews and Ratings" on the Industrial Portal. The more you are reviewed and valued, the more you can get work from the market.

4) Mark your social media services

All great businesses are good at marketing. There are 50 tones of marketing on social media, you have to figure it out who will beat you as a business deal. Unlike old methods, where service providers usually go out for customers and vice versa to promote their services, networking can be a viable solution.

5) Repeated Business from Top Customers

Safe consumers are insured income for the company. If you do not have a business model that expires repetitive transactions, you are in danger of remaining. Listing the customer on a "newsletter blog" is one way to do it. Automatically renewed subscription is preferable but periodic renewal. In addition, subscriptions include other factors related to repetitive transactions with maintenance projects, monthly support agreements, renewal of contracts, etc.

6) Employee participation

For all companies, stability is a major factor and this is very much related to the employee's resistance rate. Most employees work mostly in the company's success, but rarely find companies think about employee performance. If a company works a good workplace for employees, it automatically switches around the relaxation rate. Develop a business model that pays employees to work within money – for example, to create employee points – part of the Brotherhood, build a human resource area, giving their ideas about career and personal growth training and education.

Finally, winning prizes can never yield economic growth to companies; It is the consequence of various business partners to work together that believes.


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