Internal and external methods to create the life you want

Lots of goals

Client recently wrote to me: "It feels good to have little success." I reflected it because a lot of times in personal growth we talk about thinking big. We talk about getting out of the box and setting challenging targets that will help us out of what we need to do to fulfill our commitments. And obviously, that's the place for it, I would not discourage or reduce the dose schedule in goal mode. At the same time, the place is in personal development and the goals of thinking little. Small, in order to break down our goals in affordable and practical steps. In this way we give ourselves an experience of success.

Low Performance Purses the Road for Higher Performance

Suppose my goal is to get up at. 4 and contemplate every day. I may say "Yes! Every day, for the rest of my life, I will go up at 4:00 and think about it!" Now let's say the case is, it has been more than twenty five years since I woke up before 8:00. So maybe I'll wake up at 4 in the morning, or even a week, but because of the previous condition, I may miss the day. The lack of one day can cause two to lose and even for a whole week. I might find myself committed to myself, and I did not think that could lead to the loss of cycle meditation. However, what if I say: "I'll go up at 6 at least two days a week in the next few months to do my meditation." I might try to wake up early, but I'm rocking tight for these two days. By the end of the month, I can feel good about myself for achieving my goal and then I can build on that success eventually reaching those bigger, bigger goals.

Cleansing is the Key

We assert that, apart from external goals, successes, small or large, we must have clear plans. The power of intent will always make it possible. "Clear" plans mean consciously applying the power of intent. To live on purpose, no material barrier can prevent this regeneration. Therefore, even if our state or other circumstances are facing the appropriate challenges, we can always conquer. With clear plans we find ways to evaluate the result. Impact on the principle of clear plans is the idea that "I do not know how it will happen, but I'm sure it will happen."

The customer described how for many years she had been trying to sell land. When she would get close to sales, something would inevitably prevent it. This became a source of anxiety for her. When she absorbed the principle of clear plans and understands that consciousness comes from the soul, she found herself free from her concerns. Almost immediately sold his country.

Whatever we care about vision, let's start it now, with clear intent and awareness in the goal.


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