Increase your train speed

When you read high, shape your voices and lower tension. Reading is no race to complete and here's the patience key. Improve your reading skills by exercising daily for fifteen minutes and taking a long time with you. This should be done before sleep.

Writing improves the thinking process as reading increases your grip. Be sure to write a few lines to calculate your feelings, expectations, or a trip to the mall. Learning what you have written will build your confidence. Run through brochures, brochures and understand the pattern approved. The wording of certain words is hard to decipher, learning new words is a lifelong process and where efforts are needed.

Reading is best with children's books. Take a comic book to read on a trip, use the tee to fly through stories and adventures. The idea is to create your own interest while developing to read fast.

Initially it is advisable to read familiar content. This allows you to train your mind to focus more closely. Let out easily in an unknown area or areas that require skills in understanding. Shoot down unknown jargons, a picture of speches and foreign borrowings in the pocket diary. Always do the same with your passport. This acts like a friendly reference and puts your mind at ease when faced with dealing with thoughts when the pronunciation can not be corrected or meaningful.

Enjoy reading and once you've liked yourself, join short discussions. Practice well and keep your shit well, just if you want. Continue slowly adding & # 39; Thank you for & # 39; comments and welcome messages. Strike conversations with strangers who speak correct your pronunciation and hear other lingo / dictionaries is necessary. It will be natural that you are unknowingly set yourself by reading as your peers or established writer. Your style will always evolve.

Read regularly and use the reading kit. Use a stopwatch, track the time taken to read a paragraph, read a week, and analyze. When you finish finishing the line, you can lose the quality of your reading well. Get punctuation marks, pause after comma. Use nodes, grimas, or edited bands to highlight a point. Finally, do not go away while reading. You are reading for yourself and enjoying the moment.


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