Human Growth Hormone and Weight Loss: History of Customer

I am 43 years old and have had an innumerable diet. Regardless of what I think is healthy eating and exercising regularly, I could never seem to lose the last ten pounds that I wanted such a desire to get rid of forever.

It seems not only that my weight would never turn but from the last birthday, I feel less energetic and fat seems to accumulate more around my part. I was worried that this could be a sign of my menopause. I hoped I was wrong but my mother went through menopause around the age of 44 so I knew my time should be close. I began to study human growth hormone and its effect on weight loss and menopause.

After I found a doctor who could prescribe human growth hormone, I went through prolonged physical food. What followed was an assessment of my nutrition and physical condition that was so thorough that I was completely confident that this program would work for me. I have never had a weight loss that is tailored to my needs. Within days I had a diet and exercise plan and was on my way to achieving the weight loss goal! The program was easy to follow and my personal trainer developed a training plan that was fun and fit well into my current routine.

After consulting the doctor, I started the HGH treatment. Initially I was afraid to give me a shot but it was much simpler than I expected. After three injections (three days worth) I began to feel much better. I had more energy and was very enthusiastic about exercise. I also began to notice changes to my body. My magafitu was decreasing, my lines were back and my muscles felt a tone! But I was not losing weight! Rather than my wallow in frustration, I called a health and fitness coach. Following her recommendations, and careful discussion, I added appetite to my program. By adding suppression, I not only lost the desire for any of my favorite "bad" foods (ie chocolate chip cookies and brownies), but I felt even more energetic. What I did not know is that the suppression was also promoting my metabolism.

The next time I measured a scale, I had lost five pounds! I'm in the app for a month and with the next login, I expect that I will reach the goal with the weight loss of my ten pounds. But, more importantly, I feel good! I study new methods for eating and exercising what lasts forever.


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