How to finish a rebuilding project successfully

The rebuilding of your home can be one of the most rewarding and exciting efforts you'll always take when you're done right. Finally, you can enjoy the beauty, greater size and modern comfort of your home and know that you have increased its value. On the other hand, summer construction projects can unfortunately become a source of sleepless nights, immense frustration, and can literally take full control of your life. Many homeowners even decide that it's easier to move than to take up a major reconstruction project because of horror stories they've heard about costly, poor productivity and unscrupulous contractors. My experience has shown that most problems can be invented and eliminated by following some simple instructions that will make your next rebuilding fun and exciting in your life rather than stressful and depression.

Just like you would never start a new business without a business plan, you should never start building without a "reform plan". Setting your thoughts and eyesight explains what you want to achieve, sets the budget and allows you to see a larger picture of what it takes to complete the project to the fullest and timeline. We all surprise unexpectedly, especially those who cost us money.

Fortunately, most of these can be avoided by writing out the steps needed to complete additional collaboration. Many homeowners mistakenly consider hiring a public contractor to eliminate the need for a written plan. Not true! You will still need a plan before you have ever interviewed a potential public contractor to ensure that they have a realistic understanding of your ideas and expectations to prevent misunderstandings and delays. A decision on whether the council will be a general contractor will be part of the planning and assessment.

To be as organized as possible, I recommend breaking the program into things like: my vision, pre-planning, budget, exclusion of the project, and decisions on a critical route and timeline. You need to be realistic and build a little flexibility in your plan because nothing will ever go perfectly smoothly; Your budget may include what you want to spend and at most not exceeded, your timeline can have a range that shows the best sentence and "plan b". The specialness of the program is yours. The more precise is that it is less surprising to lurk in the project. If you hire a general contractor, he can build on the program with more specific ones. Remember that this plan will be the basis of the project.

Now it's time to plan how you will live with the disturbance that rebuilding creates. Think really hard here and try to live without a kitchen, bathroom or half house for some time. If there is kitchenware, what are you going to do for meals for the lengths; eat out, put on a friend, put up a luggage kitchen in the garage? bathroom; Do you have a product, can you share with a teenager? Big addition; What will your safety be like if the outside walls are down, what about dust, dirt and noise? Landscape overhaul; will everyone have access to your unfenced pool, what about security? Some homeowners decide that it's easier to move into a building phase, but it also takes on planning. Who will oversee the project, who will solve what are the consequences if mistakes are made and not done sooner? The more you think of giving these issues the better, the better chance you will eliminate them ugly, more expensive, stressful surprise. It is here that some homeowners decide to move rather than do the task at all!

The next step is to determine all the scope of the project and who is going to finish the job as this will affect the overall budget. Do you require an architect? Does the project require plans to submit a permit to the city? Need a designer? Are you going to serve as a national federal partner and be responsible for obtaining all licenses, organizing opinions, procurement, organizing for storage and delivery of materials and coordinating the work of plumbers, electricians, tiles, etc. Or hire a general developer complete this for you? Public contractors are offering generous experience and reducing the time required to complete the project, but the rebuilding will cost more. If you decide to extend or complete the project yourself, are you ready for delays for subcontracting? Public developers usually work in one of two ways; either an open book process where the charges are based on actual costs with a label or closed book agreement, where you get the total cost to complete the project and you do not know what the actual costs are and how much the developer is doing. In closed invitations, developers will usually provide you with payments for finishing such as tiles, carpets, plumbing, lights, etc. I do not personally personally feel better and feel better with open booking methods as it gives me more flexibility to choose the actual ending that I long for.

If the project requires permission, you may also need to bring other items in your house to the number. An example is older homes without fire sprinklers, alarms, tiled pools, etc. Since licensing authorities may require you to complete work in other areas of the house to provide code. If so, these additional costs must be calculated in the budget and must be included in the budget estimates. When submitting plans for a license, you should already have an idea of ​​the overall project plan and plans from the various transactions to complete the work, timelines to complete and your completion ends.

When I finish the budget, I always get three plans from each business to make sure I know what I'm paying for. Even though I think I know a contractor well, I still believe that it is best to get three offers as an observation and balance and all honest contractors agree with me. In addition, I enjoy learning something new or getting a different idea from those who evaluate what I might want to integrate into my overall plan. I'm always available to a contractor, let them know that I also get an offer and even tell them what they are competing. You should compare offers, materials used, what is included in the offer, employee qualifications and how changes are made to the orders. Keep in mind, I do not advocate to have the lowest bidder, highest bidder or one in the middle. Look for those who offer the most needs in the program. Also referred to as a visit to the contractor's editor & # 39; A website to confirm a contractor has valid permission to complete the work you are requesting, how long they have been in business and their complaint history. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is to hire contractors that are not allowed for more reasons than the space in this article allows. Another great way to find a reliable contact is to ask friends and quality distributors about suggestions.

The great thing about a remodel project is personally creating something you know is beautiful. You have to live with and watch the fines you choose for years to come. Lighting equipment, plumbing, wall paint, tiles, stone, etc. Cost money and how you focus on your spending, where you choose to spend and save is a very personal decision. In most cases, you must get what you pay for in terms of service, durability and quality. The last thing you want is for some two years to look already a day, worn or worse than has to be replaced. Electricity, frames, pipes, etc. So understand it is the end that chooses what will determine the final project of the project. Imagine that if you choose and place a cheap glass tile for your baking sheet and the setting shows through the glass, how happy do you have to look at the ripple of your wall in the kitchen as you spend so much time over the next ten years? I have seen floors that began to show irreplaceable large tiles only months after installation because cheap ceramic tiles were used to save money and leave the homeowner a decision where one can make another investment tear out and change the tiles or living on the floor there is only going to look worse over time.

Regardless of whether you are using a public contractor or managing the project yourself, you want to make sure you use quality products that are supported by outstanding technical support. You can not say product quality or supply support by viewing a product; You must ask the supplier for warranty or warranty. You also need to determine if the substance is suitable for the intended use. Can the product be used outdoors or in wet areas? Regarding technical support, two years ago, I received a request from a Chinese glass tile company who introduced its products to us. I asked their installation instructions and were surprised when they gave me instructions on the paper side glass tiles rather than the mesh-stained glass tiles they were introducing. When I advised them about the error, they could not offer additional support; I can guarantee if I had sold their products and had a productive protection, but they lacked both technical know-how and product know-how to provide solutions.

Almost every project is going to take longer and cost more money to complete than originally expected. A plan will help prevent problems, but the program must be flexible. The project promises can be very expensive. One way to prevent this is to complete your choice early in the project and buy items as soon as possible. This will help prevent the challenges of challenges that may arise from shipping ships or production plans. If the content is re-arranged and you are ready for it in your project, only three things can happen, all bad; either construction stops while you wait for the material to come or you pay additional costs if the material is available somewhere to get it sooner or you choose the item again. I can tell you so many stories of delays and cost shocks that could have prevented the customer from buying the fines well before they needed and the seller safely stored the goods in the warehouse until later.

If you know what you want, you can build it. The planning process is your roadmap for a successful project and yet you must always be flexible as each project will have one or two surprises. Using quality products and trusted licensors and subcontractors helps ensure a smooth process, patience and understanding must become your friends and finally you can go back and know that you create something special for you and your family.


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