Essence value: Autonomy form Reality

The concept is reality. Bobby declared, "I'm not a rappel!" Before a van A part of the adventure-based program was to demolish 100-foot cliffs with troubled teens. Bobby had no choice as to whether to go to the rapple station and had a strong view of what happened at the time of arrival. When the group was moved and after getting there, Bobby constantly reminded everyone who would listen, but rappelling was not for him.

Bobby was not unique among the boys to be afraid because adventurous programming is designed to be uncomfortable, even scary. Participation was necessary for any activity and the desire to go out of comfort areas was an important factor in the assessment of each day. The better the weekly average, the earlier the program was over. Without realizing that the boys overcome many personal shortcomings and complete challenging activities in many areas of life to get out of the plan, long-term effects.

Change is inevitable but growth is optional. Everyone has an unacceptable challenge in life. Choose to lean on the challenge and grow can be a way of life. A key element in these circumstances is automation or perception of talent.

The word word here is seen. Attitudes are rarely accurate and often falsely describe deceptive causes. Bobby was ignorant or at least not ready to acknowledge the internal fear caused by the rapprochement. Logic ceases to exist and emotion takes over.

Bobby Negative Automation was not based on facts. A properly installed and easy-to-use rappelling site with qualified people has unnecessary security features and is very safe. Bobby was an athlete and assertive, but still cooperative in normal circumstances, but this event became an emotional nightmare. Similarly, there are many things that prevent people from changing well, based on false perception.

Older people are more likely to eliminate false understanding that really steals the fullness that life has to offer. Automation in many parts is not a big deal. How many people think of losing Nudling (YouTube it) skills? On the contrary, relevant things like being afraid of hills, flying, water, people, rejection, etc. Instructions on what people do at the expense of much lower quality of life or even to be dangerous.

A parent afraid of water could drink and try to save a son who fell into the water because no one learned to swim. Swimming lessons and overcoming fear of water is necessary in comparison to life long regret and sadness. A large parent lacks many opportunities to see grandchildren or have many more options on holiday because of fear of flying is sad.

What happens when proper automation deficiencies are facing, leaning and overcoming? Bobby is thinking. Experts in the program thought fear was to drive Bobby's intense opposition, and the graduated misunderstanding of all the experiences needed. Direct confrontation was replaced by incentives.

Sometimes Bobby came to a literal rock, took the first steps over the edge and became a new young man. As he reached the bottom, he climbed from the seat belt and ran to the top and shouted: "Let me do it again!"

Imagine people deciding to grow and add practical and important sustainability skills. Some as simple as learning new methods to overcome the false sense that "I do not remember names." In the treatment session with Dr. Albert Bandura left people feeling nauseated and just talked about being able to handle snakes in one day of treatment.

Allowed, many serious emotional problems require much more intensive methods than a simple change of automation. The good thing is that many problems are in the form of "step over the rock" away from a major breakthrough in life like Bobby.

Creating a constructive change of growth in priority and targeting one automation lacking another is a formula for progress. Conquer one proper false perception after another adds. Choose easy ones to get started to get some momentum. As time goes by, you get up and it's like automation is shaping reality.


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