Discover your goal – Start self-assessment (8 tips)

Asker questions release important information about your purpose; The purpose is inside the outside. In other words, you must search inside to unveil the insights. Yes, you already have the answers. Therefore, this article recommends eight tips to help you maximize the self-discovery process. You live only once in this life. Make it count!

8 Tips

  • Offer a meeting with yourself.

You organize appointments with all others – doctors, hairdressers, counselors, mechanics, mentors, etc. why not organize one with yourself? Self-esteem requires a quiet time to think and reflect. Thus, it approaches with a serious mindset. Pencil it on your calendar. Do not cancel the command. You need this focused time to get in touch with yourself. Next to someone who's wrong if you can not make time for yourself.

  • Mind the atmosphere.

The atmosphere is all. It can turn on power and inspiration or allow you to feel a sense of doom and darkness. By saying, what types of places inspire you? When it comes to your residence, you'd rather have one room over another. Are you the most comfortable outdoors?

The goal is to take into account the environment. Use all you need to create an atmosphere that helps you focus (light music, incense, light, art, plants). Furthermore, where you decide to leave, you should turn off your phone. No text, reading, googling or surfing online.

  • Come prepared.

Do your homework for a real meeting. For example, write down questions or topics you want to contemplate. Purpose is bound by talent / talents, interests, unique characteristics, dreams, passion and strengths. See what you have already done. Think about what made the achievement special. At the same time, think about how you want to remember. All greats are at least one – not several. Remember to say, "Jack all business and champion nobody?" What one will people recall when they hear your name?

  • Do not hold back.

Be honest with yourself. Nobody will look over your shoulder or review your comments. It's not a test with right or wrong answers – just what you think and feel. Brutal honesty brings you a better understanding of your purpose. So do not say you're passionate about working with youth or numbers, for example when you know you're both crazy.

  • Keep information.

I suggest you register your answers – electronically or manually. This information is too important to fall next to. It's like a drawing. Contractor does not build the house without appearance. If you choose to include the information, usually consider using a calendar or a spiral book.

  • Pay attention to what you're unforgettable.

While the structure is built, the designer handles the drawing to be on track. Similarly, you will postpone the card to remember the schedule. You are not running this process just to dig the information because it can not be found. In fact, you will revise the calendar as much as necessary.

  • Ask new questions.

Always take time to pause and ask new questions. What has changed? What has been stable? How have you changed? What is the goal now? Ask new questions keep you fresh, engaged and current.

  • Review the process.

Life is stable. Things change; you change In short, you may need to reinvest yourself sometimes. When I knew my passion for one area was decreasing, it became clear that a closer examination showed that it was time to take advantage of another dominant talent. The makeover provided a fresh perspective and reminded me of neglected talents.


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