Different types of weaknesses affect us

By understanding the different weaknesses you have, you will find that you are a much stronger and better person by accepting what you can change and what you can not. The other benefit of knowing about different types of vulnerabilities is that you will be better prepared when communicating with people. Knowing how to prepare a culture or type of fatigue for example, will help to prevent you from getting into trouble and getting upset by someone who will do.

Here we will examine the limitations that we must complete as human beings, and those we can correct that will significantly improve our lives. We will start by sharing all vulnerabilities into four categories; species, culture, physical body and personal.

The vulnerabilities of the species are more important than humans and cultures, because they are so common that they are taken as normal and then ignored. We will expand on these last.

The strength of culture is a part that you have learned that limits you. If you are a Western doctor, the idea of ​​eating bugs can distract you, but if you are in Africa for example, bugs can be the only food source and locals eat it but you would be misled. Perhaps it's the type of room you've been used to and can not sleep well on too soft or too hard space. Types of food, housing and others that differ greatly from one culture to another, even the way to speak, strong or gentle, loud or soft, all of this is a cultural difference that could make it uncomfortable for you to travel or deal with another person . Such limitation is a cultural weakness.

These weaknesses are gained through the culture and country you grow up in, and it is easiest to change. It is important that you know the difference between cultural vulnerabilities and personal because cultures are usually viewed in natural and natural behavior rather than weaknesses without traveling to very different cultures and environments where you can see the difference and admire the various ways. Unfortunately, this opportunity is very rare as the world becomes more stable. Many aspects of your life will improve by finding cultural weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

The weakness of the body is obvious, how it can hurt and how easily it gets sick. We can not do anything about these weaknesses other than eating and exercising well, keeping as good a physical condition as possible and avoiding risk and harm as much as we can. Being aware of these weaknesses will keep you alert and thoughtful about your health in the future.

Then your personal weaknesses are. These are customs and preferences, likes, and dislikes, which allow you to do or not make certain things. Personal weaknesses are fears or limitations that you have to most, even in the same country or family, do not. You may have weaknesses for good food, and so overestimate all the time. You may fear water and can therefore not participate in many adventures, sometimes fear of flying and so you can not travel. These vulnerabilities can be overcome, and they are the ones that focus on and the types.

Personal weaknesses are based on your personality and are taught with bad experiences or being told and teaching what you should be afraid of. Overprotective parent will tell the child that this and this is dangerous and to be afraid or not to touch anything at all. It will develop learned fears and thus limit weaknesses. For example, I used to have absolutely unexplicable fear of knives. One day I was visiting my mother and she mentioned how scared she is. It seemed that my fear was disregarded and immediately my fear was resolved. One less personal weakness!

If you grow up in a large family you may need to be always around people, or you get nervous. The opposite is equally true and fearful to be in a large crowd because you rise in the countryside with plenty of space and get. Either of these conditions may prevent you from moving to places you want to benefit from but are afraid or unable to go to. When I lived in New York, several friends from a small town in Colorado came to visit. I wanted to take them to see Manhattan but they refused. They were simply too afraid to be in a big city with those many!

Limitations are weaknesses, and there are ways to conquer many of our personal weaknesses. You can start by simply trying to do what you are afraid of as best as you can and see what changes are. You feel like you work with the brand feature, that your personal element will recover automatically. Personal weakness is always due to events that create fear by importing memory. Viewing the memory and turning the cause of fear helps eliminate it.

Now we will go deeper into the weaknesses of species. Like it or not, you are under the same defects that affect all men. However, you can try to overcome these limitations, but if you are not fully aware that you are subjected to, there is no hope.

I will tell you what I've discovered about my life in many countries, and I suggest confirming by examining your experience or starting to take into account the weaknesses you notice every day you live. This list is far from being completed or it would be a very long list and it would be useful for you if you look and find something for you. This helps to overcome the first weaknesses in my list. I also want to make it clear before we go further that not everyone has all these weaknesses, but all weaknesses are either active or striking in all of us. It's a matter of what you've bought, belt or controlled.

The good side is that it is useful for many of these vulnerabilities if they are separated and cleaned to be used properly. Since I can find a good side, it has also been described.

Just because you do not see any weaknesses in you that is on my list does not mean you're not under the right circumstances. I'm sure you've seen people change when certain events happen or they come into other stages of life. The only way to constantly grow life is to be aware of where we can be beaten, these are other things in the list.

Lazy. The men are lazy about nature's design. This is a good quality that is bad with a lack of understanding and guidance. If used correctly, it's bad. If you are lazy, you do not want to work basically, this is a good idea because the more we work with anything, the more energy we use and we tend to put our body, which will wear it faster. Athletes know about this very well as their bodies go out and have much more trouble than other people when they reach 50 or 60 because of their excessive use when they were younger.

Warmth is a natural tendency because it is part of animal design, types of quality to maintain the body and keep it ready with high energy to run as fast as it can if a lion comes to eat you. We must take into account the timing of the body's design to the environment at the time. If I spend all day without rest, then tonight when the lion goes on hunting, I would not have enough energy to save me. And then I have a natural desire to rest and do not work too hard during the day, so I get more energy tonight.

Efficiency is a modern benefit that can be transformed into a random example. I am personally a very lazy person, I like to have free time and do what I want. To have my night or weekend break, I would work very quickly and well with any task I had, whether it was my job or cleaning of the house, so I had more free time. I was known as a very efficient man, but I continued to say I'm just lazy, I do not want to work, so I can work as soon as I can.

pride. This is the quality of thinking that we all know and close our mind to learn something new or solve problems. Pride leads us to all kinds of conflicts and problems, in addition to getting bad reputation. In signing form, when you can not be called arrogant, it limits you by enabling you to have no particular defects or restrictions, or that you already know something somebody tells you. Turning off an open mind causes you to miss information and make mistakes.

The good side of arrogance is solid. A very confident person is often considered very arrogant. This strength gives people the courage to face new challenges or be the entrepreneur, ready to stand up and be the first to do things. Every great leader, inventor and certainly an explorer might have thought to have at least touch the arrogance that they would owe their success.

The point of interest to keep arrogance from being negative is objectivity. Being able to see everything they are rather than you think they are, and most importantly, when you are wrong, be prepared to satisfy and sincerely admit you are wrong and immediately make the necessary corrections.

unreliable. This is a very common mistake that we all deal with on a regular basis. People will say one with sincere sincerity and then minutes or days later will completely come back and even possibly deny that they even made a statement or agreement. This drawback is the weakness of avoiding responsibility for words and actions. The effect of these weaknesses is that nobody will trust you and will never help you because you will not be there for them.

The only positive way I can see is that it enables flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. In our modern world, we are only known as someone who is not trusted, or in the case of companies, companies that are not doing business if possible.

To correct these defects, you must honor all the commitments you make. Sometimes you learn to think before you speak and agree to things. The first benefit is that you get the reputation of being very reliable and so rare and valuable, but even more importantly, you will soon end up in situations you repent.

Quite and greedy. These are an interesting couple of siblings. They are encouraged to natural self-preservation instincts, survival of the fittest. For a long time, we had to grab more because we did not know when the next meal would go to the cave for us to kill and grab. Then there were war or weather conditions that caused animals or bombs so we had to store enough food.

Totally very wise way to survive. In our modern world, we have adapted this other good drive to grow and protect our family when we are changing events in desire for more and more.

This combines a lie to want more so we work less. Greed is not only for possessions and money, it may be over time. You may be greedy to spend as much time out of other people. For example, if someone advises you or is interesting to talk, you may want to get as much of them as possible, even if they are busy and have other things to do. You can be greedy for all sorts of things. Check out something you like more in this light. It could be energy, companionship, knowledge or other desire you have. How much do you want and take you more than your share. Then look at what you want in the perspective of greed based on our next bug.

Cheap and stingy. We love everything good, discounts make us very happy and therefore some stores are always on sale and. The problem is that often the best deal is not the longest cheapest deal. Another problem is that when you try to save some money you can turn someone around with you, for example, you can have dinner with friends and you try to cut some of the cost of the cost or avoid continuing to get something good for them.

If you try to deliver the least possible quality or service to increase your profits, or even worse, do not make mistakes at your own expense, it will turn customers. This failure is obvious in most cases, but try to take into account the time. How much time will you spend with someone or on a task that has to be done. How much will cut corners or try to save some pennies at the expense of many dollars.

The useful side is of course the retention of assets, mainly food. If you need to make your food offerings throughout the winter, you can not hold large parties and spread the food to all your neighbors, especially they will be cruel with their availability when your expires.

This human nature is what makes us worn out that everyone else is cruel and greedy so we must protect ourselves. It comes back to instincts to survive.

Short Shown. It's not about vision, and is more of a modern flaw based on ancient natural. As we have discovered, many of the disadvantages we have come from healthy and good nature, self-defense. These good instincts have gone bad because we have not adapted ourselves to modern life by omitting these fears that are no longer valid. By bringing untimely features to the modern world, we have made a mess of what could be a very enjoyable and healthy community.

Short-term shortage is that we do not see the inevitable consequences of our actions and make things that we remember later. This drawback is distorted as a result of the spiritual applicant seeking to be present at the moment. Be here now, be there, these are the spiritual states that promise enlightenment and unity to the Divine. Outstanding qualities for monks and teachings to the masses of religious theories, but distorted and destructive when it is undeservedly applied to everyday life.

There is no need to give an example of this common problem creator but my favorite is the difference between picking an apple of the tree on one and one and making the tree grow and producing a new crop next year to cut down the tree to get them all. Greed mixed with laziness at a very short angle.

The cure for this drawback is to consider carefully all possible results before taking action.

Lack of appreciation. We all know when we've been hit by this bug but rarely see when we do it ourselves. One of my teachers did the best when he said: & # 39; Always pay off your debts. & # 39; We have debt of a financial nature, of course, but the most powerful debt is the debt of knowledge, friendship, sacrifice. We owe the trees to produce the oxygen we breathe. Everybody knows this, but we do not miss paying the debt by maintaining the forests, but touch the seamlessly the forests that give the air the breath and one day we must go too far. If you fail to acknowledge any debt you owe for your very existence in all areas of your life and do not give due gratitude, your candidacy may be cut down.

One wise old friend told me what the two most important jobs in our modern world are. Farmers and garbage collectors. We both need to keep us alive in our cities. The next time the garbage truck takes place, just think about your city location if nobody collected the trash and it was just loaded on the street. It should make you want to get out of the car and thank the stranger to keep your life clean.

Allergy. This is a very difficult weakness that is really cultural. Commonly in the western world and spreading like cancer, we should consider carefully. Everyone knows someone who is very sensitive, you have to tell the right things carefully, or stop getting them very upset.

This weakness has grown from political justification. The more we allow us to follow this idea of ​​personal boundaries and PC culture, the winner types will be. It's so easy to hurt someone emotionally, but the same words had no effect or been considered normal for several years. This proves that it has not become but people who become weaker and too sensitive.

This weakness is used as a powerful weapon to control people with their own emotional weaknesses. It's like finding something you do not know, then see what it can do to control other people and get lost with your new, new power. The child has taken control of the state with its wild feelings.

It's not good to use this because it's not natural but man-made. It's absolutely destructive and must be avoided by your own efforts to show that you are not worried about names and tags, but simply want to get an understanding and get what you need to do.

feelings. Humans are dependent on emotional fluctuations that occur for a short or long cycle. Negative experience goes away with incentives and the fire for life which eventually leads to no energy to do anything. This is the birth of the word, & # 39; I'm getting too old for it. & # 39;

It's not a physical age one, but in some cases it's more emotional age, wearing youthful power tension to learn new things and trust people to do what they say. All the flaws that are considered to add emotional fluctuations by filling our lives with frustration for what others do but ignore what we do.

When we handle every day with objective vision, and live consciously and work to prevent our bugs, we will achieve a much more even life with less emotional fluctuations. However, if we do not recognize the bugs that govern us, their causes and how to correct them, they are used in a good way, we will fluctuate like Tarzan through emotional jungle until the vineyard breaks or we cling to a tree.

Despite what you can do to balance yourself, you still need to take into account the emotional swing of other people and how it will affect their actions, understanding how an individual or group of people will work brings you prevent disappointment and emotional fluctuations.

Self-Lying and Buffers. The hardest problem to achieve, for your own purpose. Your own lie is simply, you lie to yourself to hide from reality. This is about to face mistakes you have made and condemn it. We have all faced people making statements that understand that our mouth hangs open with their obvious tragic denial obvious. We wonder how a moral person could not handle himself.

The reason we do not see our self-esteem is by using what I call a buffer to avoid or justify our actions. Independently, to avoid reality and buffers, keep our eyes closed by justifying our actions or creating some imaginary scenarios to confirm our views. You see other people doing this, but now you have to look for this flaw in yourself. A common lie is "I'm proud to be honest with me". & # 39;

When someone shares your actions, or you find yourself condemning responsibility for something, try to look at the situation as a neutral judge without worrying about your personal benefit or damage to a situation. If you can start to see your own lies and clients to prevent reality, you'll find many smaller issues in your life.

I knew a fellow who met a new boyfriend. She was a heroin addict. He convinced himself that he could reform her and that she wanted to change. Finally, he fell so much money from the fathers club as he worked to fund his habit that the company went bankrupt. Everything to support this girl and himself lies that he could save her, but the fans made him ignore the fact that she simply did not want to stop. A huge example of what I'm sure you can find many situations in your own life, whether in relationships or in business that you can keep in mind. Hopefully you will work with this information and use forward-looking in the future.

These are just a few of the disadvantages that are inherently, and, as you have seen, they are truly inherent to the genre, but it's good we've gotten bad. Nature is only good, since the name we have now come to know as God is in some teachings called "the good"

I will complete with the greatest power in weaknesses that make people different from all other things on earth, cause all of our troubles and distortion of good things badly.

Freedom of choice. The most powerful person can have the ability to be creative and choose right from wrong, but now automatically accused of being young when we used this great freedom to choose to imitate others instead of cultivating our own individualism.

This has created a kind of stupid clone that hurts without thinking, limiting itself by accepting what they have been told and believing in any lies and rubbish they are fed.

Use your freedom to choose how you feel and what you think. Use it to correct your weaknesses and maintain balance, success and happiness.


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