Are you heavy or lost?

"Depression" and "Depression" are very common words in our daily conversation. Many of us have learned to use them instead of other, more precise synonyms such as: sad, suspicious, disappointing, dreary, unhappy, depressed, dark, etc. Merriam-Webster, the famous dictionary, defines "depression" as dissatisfaction. No wonder why so many suffer from depression! And there to get sick and unable to thrive, it's a very small step. Convince of something, and that's what you have.

Many self-deprived depression must become true clinical depression when they are just life-threatening, unresolved situations that make us feel free, lost, tired and sad.

Clinical depression must meet very clear criteria to be a real mental illness. Some people end up meeting these criteria because they do not find solutions to some problems or situations in their lives. They lose hope, find fast, consume their energy in infinite loops of despair and concern until it makes their daily living patterns. It's not really bad damage to strength and will but an inevitable result when time runs out and a solution is not found.

Many of them do not need a doctor. They are not very weak. They need help finding new interpretations, new opinions, new understandings that lead to unexpected solutions to their problems. They need someone who can help them find new methods and different ways. Sometimes this is easier said than done, I know, because the attitude of men prevents them from seeing solutions that are clearly visible to those around them, but that does not make them sick! It makes them lost or blind! In those cases, what the people suffer from is an end of life or lack of vision, no real depression! In the past many of these circumstances were solved with the help of elders and friends. Today, in a growing isolated society, where people share less and do not really communicate, experts are advised to offer advice and help. That, again, does not make those who lost people sick! By marking (or signing) ill, the tag will be new to bear. They convince themselves that their problems are ill and lose even more hope. Gradually, the lack of solutions, the weight of labels and the lack of hope truly prove to be mentally ill. And then they gradually became ill.

How can we help ourselves and others to prevent this from happening? Let me give you some tips:

  1. Let's start calling things with their real name! Let's begin to allow us freedom to express what we really find, instead of marking our feelings with General, badly chosen and mostly wrong words: "depression." Learn to use new terms and expressions and try to be clear and clear.
  2. Let's start helping those who are around us to express themselves too. Whenever a friend of love tells you they are depressed, ask them to explain their feelings to you; Ask them to be more accurate so that they can better understand their own feelings. It often gives them the opportunity to understand what causes them feelings and feelings that often lead to a new perspective they needed to guide them to finding a solution.
  3. Ask for help. If you find yourself (or know someone in this situation) who are experiencing or experiencing problems you can not solve, do not wait for stunning inspiration to offer you an unexpected solution. Search for help. Ask your friends, your loved ones, or even professionalism to help you see new ways and perspectives. If life is a challenge, act before it becomes intolerable. Help is out there, just waiting for you to ask for it.
  4. Avoid signals. Trying to fit into a cleaning chamber can lead you to not really understand the problem. We often need to find a name for something to give us permission to understand or approve. But circumstances and circumstances do not require any signs. They are just. They just happen. And they can be treated even without placing a tag or name to define them.
  5. Love yourself. Yes, I know that this might sound a bit foreign here, but believe that loving you is one of the most powerful ways to prevent depression and arthritis. Love's love means caring for them and wanting the best for them. If you love yourself, you want the best for yourself and you must try to take care of yourself. You must therefore avoid circumstances changing from power and looking for ways, methods and methods to keep you healthy, healthy and happy. So look into yourself for the love that everyone deserves and make sure it's there. If it is not, ask for help. Others can help you find a way to make you feel comfortable and accept it.

Clinical depression and feeling lost or stuck are NOT the same. Let us take part in helping us and others avoid mental illness. Life problems, difficult situations, loss, disappointment, loneliness, dead end, lack of physical, emotional or mental remedies or fears are NOT synonymous with depression, but can lead to it unless unresolved. Do not fall into this trap. Learn to live and be happy.

Enjoy life, all that,


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