Addiction to what is needed and how to recover from codecability

Dear "I'm Depending on a Feeling Required"

I Hear You … In you, it's a pleasure to search for those who are wounded. We want to rush in, wrap our hearts around others and make them feel better. Surface we say what it means – the one we will help. But the truth is a lie.

When we find that we are constantly taking intoxication or drugs or financial burdens – when we constantly grow up to those who just do not seem to get their lives together, it has to be obvious when we are able to step out and see big image. It is necessary and sufficient to embrace the gift of allowing and "allowing" our minds to see our lives as we watched it on a large screen, separated from emotional strings of circumstances.

Often "said an emotion needed", complaining about how hard they try to get others to change. They know in their hearts that they are right and if only so do what they told them to do then life would change and get better. The "Dependent Feeling Required," Tell them how good they are to stand around. They feel self-esteem by throwing them on hot coal from some garbage. They believe they are martyrs for how hard they try to get others to get their lives on track. But again, that's all the lie.

When we've crossed this line and started thinking more about what others need and think than what we need and think, we've gone too far. Never is it okay to see more about other needs than our own, so that we use, depression, broken, unworthy, guilty or angry. If you are helping someone to the extent that you have started to experience negative, poisonous feelings by helping someone, then you are simply simply appealing more of these negative emotions in your life {vibration energy}.

Okay, I hear my words as I'm trying to teach you. The best teachers are those who have experienced what they are trying to teach. I have come there. I have been addicted to the feelings that are needed and to the happier people. It hurts … let me help you …

The only reason you were created was to find joy. Joy, happiness and peace are your birthright rights. But But you experience happiness and know that happiness is yours if you do not first love love and respect your own individual self?

Is it possible to attract positive, if your own identity is negative? It's not …

In order to be happy in this life, it's necessary to become selfish … but not in " Now I do not care about anyone but I" spirit.

Instead, when I say myself, I mean learning to be quiet enough so that you can start listening to your own voice – your own inner guide – your own spirit – your own vibration energy.

If you have a sense of feeling, you need to be in a hurry with the vitality that is responsible for the creativity you are. You're out of vibration frequency with positive energy. You are aware … in you are the answers … In you, your truth is, but you have been taught to "respect" yourself and you can no longer hear your own voice.

When you were little, you might be ignored psychologically. Perhaps your guards dropped you down, or simply never showed how your soul needed it. When we are taught that what we need is insignificant, we are taught that what others need and think is much more valuable than what we consider ourselves. It will be almost impossible to adjust ourselves to our own positive vibration, because we were never taught to listen to our own self.

Graduated parents who are not aware of their own needs, create disharmony within children. Negativity is then transferred from parent to child, and unexpectedly, children are programmed to be inconsistent with those they truly are. Rather than foster positive and blame for being in line with who they are, children are abused, ignore, abandoned and grow under the clouds of depression, anger, sadness, loneliness, despair, confusion and self-esteem. All these negative emotions create negative energy within the child, and so is the "love in self" foreign concept.

It was your parenting job to help you honor yourself. But if they did not, the likelihood is that they do not hate their true spirit. They may honor money, opinion, power, control, drug or treat others to do what they want them to do … but it's not a "spirit". It is physical that is purely self.

When I was added, I need to be certified for my good work. I did not know how to fulfill my own spirit with my own hymn. I did not know how to look in and connect with the fact that, Lisa, I was created by the same energy that created the sky and the ocean. I did not know that I was as important as any creature and any creature that went on the planet. I did not care for me, I did nothing to improve the world I live in. I do not appreciate the fact that my voice mattered and that I could change the world, even the world of single people, for the better. I did not know those who love me first were not selfish, badly. I did not know that in order to truly love others, I first had to learn to honor and love myself.

Being dependent on being necessary means that you are looking for value in sacrifices you make for others.

That means you attract patient people for your own needs.

The owner will lie to you and tell you – you need to be better than everyone else.

It will do all it can to keep you from the truth.

The truth is that you are not more important or less important than anyone else.

We are all equal.

The idea does not want you to embrace this knowledge because when you do it dies.

The property does not want to die. It wants to blow oneself and will manage situations where opportunities are created as the ego will feel big. If you're constantly looking for other people who need you, you get to complain, whine, yell and pout over the sacrifices you've made for the sake of others.

What would happen if you let go? What would happen if you let someone fall instead of running to protect or save them? What would happen to yourself if it had no pity to rule? What would happen in your mind if you no longer have calls to do it according to you and cry over how hard you try to be good and help others?

If the rescue stopped, where would I go?

If you're strong enough to see the truth of what I've written you can be strong enough to avoid losing to save others completely. You are the one who has a significant problem. Your energy is to attract its vibration reduction. Unless you change energy, you can not expect your reality to change. You will still get more of the same.

When you learn how to take advantage of your need to be, you will understand why you continue to receive treatment. To save you I promise myself and praise myself. And your treatment will attract manipulators. It's so simple. And that's the law of attraction. What we give out, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether it's us teaching us to give away what we're giving up or not, we have to set up at similar frequencies.

If you want to love, love yourself.

If you want peace, be peaceful and know you're enough.

If you want generosity, be confident with yourself love.

If you want to be praised, praise the magnificent and divine being you are.

If you want to be loved for who you are, love who you are.

If you want to be approved, first agree who you are.

If you want positive, talk positively to yourself.

If you do not want to be needed, and would rather be wild, you must know that you are enough – and practice new opinions.


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