7 natural laws of the universe

The Law of Eternal Transmission-

* Energy goes into physical form.

* The photos you keep in your mind are most often the success of your life.

Democracy Law

* Nothing is good or bad, big or small … until you relate to something.

* Practice realting your situation to something much worse and yours will always look great.

Law of vibrations and attraction-

* Everything shakes, nothing rests.

* A consciousness of vibration is called a feeling. Your thoughts control paradigms and vibration (which determines what you attract).

* When you do not feel comfortable, be aware of what you think and think about something fun.

Law of Polarization

* Everything Has Contrast: Hot – Cold … Up – Down … Good – Bad.

* Constant looking for good in people and circumstances. When you find it, tell the man. People love compliment and a positive idea in your mind makes you feel good. Remember, good idea – good vibration.

The Constitution

* The flow goes out … night comes with a day … good times – a bad period.

* When you are running, do not feel bad. A white swing will change and things get better. It's a good time to come – think about them.

The Law of Cause and Impact-

* Whatever you submit to the universe comes back. Action – Remake is equal and opposite.

* Say good to all; treat everyone with full respect and it will all return. Never worry about what you're going to get, just concentrate on what you can give.


* Every seed is pregnant or cultivated. Ideas are spiritual seeds and become in shape or physical results.

* Your goal will appear when the time is right. Know they want.

So … why do I get this up?

Because you can take advantage of this universe's universe to bring untapped funds into your life. wealth in health, wealth in relationships (spiritual, family, personal, business) and financial wealth.

Wallace D. Wattles (author of the book written in 1910 called The Science of Getting Rich) says "Becoming rich is the result of doing things in a certain way." It's the greatest truth I can share with one of my family and friends (this includes you reading this). This statement, and these laws have already made so much for me with their value added. I have experienced informed, in the sense that I no longer fear the debt. I no longer have contact with my family and friends I once had. I no longer see life as "half empty glass" now it is "richly full".

I first learned about the secret through my sister, back in February of this year, and did special at Oprah about my birthday this month. The show was very encouraging and let me investigate teachers in the program and started reading their books. After a couple of months, I decided that this was undetected for me. As I studied and studied, my son and I had more strain on contact and we had not been close for more than a year and a half. and with the power of positive thinking and application of the laws of vibration and attraction in my life, we could revive and strengthen our relationship. We have now started this trip together.

We are now on Myspace, Facebook and some other social networking sites, meeting like mentals of people who are either applying the laws of the universe in their lives or interested in learning how I (and my son) utilize these songs in everyday our lives. This site has already paid for its value in gold with real interest and relationships we are building here. We are attracting people and letting them attract us. We are not spammers, we do not want to give us anything wherever we have not been asked. But imagine applying these laws to your life and how much it can be when you approach the same circumstances with such different mindset. This is truly a reflection, restarting kind, to put all your negative thoughts, feelings and energy to rest and allow you to control positive thoughts, emotions and energy into the world to begin to attract whatever your heart desires.

Now most people have heard about the secret and the law of attraction, but very few know them and even fewer who apply them. But I can honestly put it out that this thought is the way to live in a full, happy, rich enough life that we have all dreamed of sometime or something else. So … do not you think about it You start to realize everything you see?

Well … what do I mean by that statement?

I mean that whatever you put into this universe, with the power of your thoughts and dreams and actions, can and will be implemented if time is given. I'm certainly not saying "you'll be rich if you wait for it". But what I'm saying is starting today, right now, start editing your outlook. Show off on the beach or in the rain forest and do not think "I do not have time to get out" or "it takes too much money" instead, visualize and realize that sand can be between your toes, this ocean can be lapping at your feet, with your eyes closed and the sound of the waves collapsed. Is it not just your wet lips? I know it's mine (I personally love the ocean and the beach).

All you need is to know, and though I can give you a poem of knowledge, you need it, you have to walk through the door, but I'm here to give you the first step. These are my "Promises for Fun Life" that promise me one day and I will show everything I already know and continue to use this tool and spread the word they use to people of all ages who are willing to listen. I want to offer you a free gift that opened my eyes and started me on this journey of personal growth and development … because that's exactly what this is.

To start learning the universe's natural laws, including the principles of vibration and attraction, click here with this free gift of 7 lessons sent to you, in the form of non-spam. Each of these lessons is a hand crafted to teach you step by step how to go about this thought so to speak.

to succeed,


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