Immediate Pleasure Vs Success

The fourth Thursday of November has come to represent much of American culture. Thanksgiving is a tradition that includes a family, lots of delicious food and of course football. All three are great, the last two, even better when they are in moderation.

This week I received an email from someone who asked, "Why do you think many people are willing to set up the money to go to a sporting event, the roots for a particular group or player (who has no direct benefit to them), but When it comes to setting up the money to improve their lives by investing in self-reliance, do they avoid it? "

What good question to consider on Thanksgiving Day. I know a lot of people who will spend a lot of $ 100 on football tickets but they will be squeamish in the thought of spending $ 50 for an audio book that could change their lives. And the word "football game" could easily be replaced by "opera", "night on town", "movie" or other fun activity. I only use football because it's so fun with the holiday we are celebrating today.

Simple answer:
The answer to the question is very easy. We have grown up in a consumer company that encourages us to buy, buy, buy. In order for this to happen we need to buy a meeting. The need she meets is an instant gratification, and we have become a community that focuses on meeting those in need.

Unfortunately, instant gratification is not always the best solution for us in the long run. Do not misunderstand me. I love taking weekend trips, splurging to go out to eat more than I should, and yes, I'd rather participate in a unique sporting event. Having fun is an important factor in living every minute. Unfortunately, that's an easy part.

Instant Gratitude for Prolonged Success:
The hard part of living every time is to plan the future and live in the plan, even when it means turning things down in modern times.

For example, it's very easy to say: "My goal is to save $ 5,000 this year, and in order to achieve that, I'm going to spend $ 200 of each payment method."

The hard part comes when your team makes it a Super Bowl, and you only need a $ 50 "Championship Sweatshirt" to celebrate your work. You convince yourself to put only $ 150 a month, instead of a full $ 200, will not hurt your savings so bad. And then you get even better news. Your friends are caravanning for the Championship Parade. For about $ 200 you can also notice and have a good time. So you convince yourself to borrow $ 50 from last month's savings and do not put anything back this month. Before you know, you have reached the end of the year and you have not reached your $ 5,000 goal.

Immediate satisfaction has caused many to live in today's life without future plans. While it's great to make memories, remember that as memory is available, another memory may be lost.

Build Your Future:
Returning to the original questions, are more likely to spend money on sports events instead of volunteers, because sports events are more common in the community. Everybody knows what you mean when you say: "I'm going to see Dallas Cowboys play." They may not know what you mean when you say: "I bought my ticket for Craig Duswalt's Rockstar System for Success seminar."

Although both events will create memories, one event will have a much longer lasting effect. Sure, watching Cowboys in their new stadium is a unique adventure, and you might be lucky to sit next to someone who can help you with a company. But attending a self-help session will introduce you to a room of people who are interested in improving their lives and business. More importantly, everyone willing to share their knowledge and help you grow too.

Everyone in the Living Every Minute group has at least two self-help institutions a year, as well as reading at least two books a month to increase our knowledge.

Gift Ideas:
Tomorrow starts another great American tradition with public football for Christmas sales. This Christmas, consider giving those you love gifts that help them improve their lives.


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