Deciding Your Life – How To Decide Your Life For Personal Growth

Interested in decluttering your life ? Are you thinking about how to get rid of your life? A recent advertisement in local newsletters came to my attention:

"IMPORTANT NOTE: As we are well in the cold winter program, when most of the trees are sleeping and growth generally comes to a standstill, we want to draw your attention to the fact that this is actually the best time to prune your fruit trees. This will encourage better, better and healthier growth, and will still guarantee you a new production of organic fruit. "

Winter, cold and cold. The trees seem to sum it perfectly, bare and still, no movement and no growth. Yet, if we look further, the trees can teach us more. They stand strong and strong, and with the complex design of their branches now in perfect light, they appear even more powerful, in that way. If they have let go of the leaves for a while, it looks like preparation but in retreat.

Peter Raven, president of Missouri Botanical Garden and a famous botanist explains that a lawyer's tree (Latin to fall) uses an electric process to share companies from their leaves. This happens because the leaves act as "solar cells" this summer but became unnecessary during the winter months. As a result, each of the winter cells appears at the point where a stem leaves meets the branch and they push the sheet in detail until it falls out of the tree.

The raven describes the leaves as the kitchen training of the tree. They are busy in spring and summer to make food so that the tree can grow and flourish and reproduce. This is no longer necessary in the winter months as food production slows down when the days get shorter and cooler. Thus, their wooden staff allows to go. If a tree did not lose the leaves, it would not bother to grow new, but according to Raven, trees are not the brightest bulbs! & # 39;

However, I'm not sure it's as simple as that. For, as we see in the announcement above, all trees – whether they let their leaves or not – enjoy the benefits of being touched. In good ideas for your garden (Jane Courtier et al., 2003) under the title & # 39; Encourage growth & # 39; it says & # 39; removing old trees encourages the production of new shoots, which in turn will make flowers and fruits more prominent. The harder the pruning of the more necessary for the new growth. & # 39;

Why is it that we have to cut back to activate growth?

We can learn a lesson of all, even those things that do not seem to be "brightest bulbs". What seems to be a waste of time and energy can actually provide an opportunity to gain a new insight and understanding.

We all have personal kitchen staff, physical relationships and emotional information we are hanging on. Sometimes they are useful, the sun shines, life looks and feels impressive and growth is effortless. At other times, they are simply unnecessary. The problem is that if we have enough additional resources around for long, it will be very cumbersome and getting somewhere is a challenge.

Sometimes we can find a burden or surprise and we are not sure what might be the cause. Maybe it might be helpful to clean a little, some drop the leaves or even cut the branches. Sounds simple, but sometimes it's pretty hard to catch. Emotional amount is especially difficult to hire, so by practicing decluttering at the physical level we can help us understand it at other levels too.

We all know that a lot of small swords can gather together to create amazing tasks. So start slowly and stay persistent, it can not happen all at once, but we'll see results if we keep it. It can also help to walk away for a while to educate and then approach a project with renewed energy. Do not hold items that you will never use and if you have items that will be better used by someone else, give them away.

As we can see with the trees, what could be useful at one time could not be a productive later. And we can learn from them to fix themselves without getting too attached to accessories that weigh down. The same leaves that function like solar panels extend and absorb the sun, strengthen, support and nurture, drop later to create space – to grow more.

It is noteworthy that this happens all the winter months. We all have winter time in our lives when it seems that what we do is not much progress, it seems we can not get things to prevent the same amount of work we submit. Keep your time and effort All the project being invested will soon lead to explosive buds and a lot of floral.


Courtier, J., Francis, AR, McHoy, P. and Mikolajski, A. In Good Ideas For Your Garden, 2003, New Burlington Books.


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