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Separating the right voice of talent is very important, regardless of the project you want. But the challenge most people face is how they can go about the process so that they can manage the right artist.

The company you hire to provide voice mail should not only be affordable, but also one that ensures good work. In the text below, we'll tell you the ten most important things to consider when hiring a professional voice musician. Read below to find out these tips.

1. Go for trusted and experienced talent caught by a companion

These days there is a very strong competition in the market for voices. As long as one has a microphone and has a voice, he or she can import into the industry and advertise on the internet as a professional voice recorder. Just as any accessible market access, having too many options is not always good for consumers.

More important things, far more important than having millions and one option to choose from, is to get a good professional voice over and recording with the ability to make timely delivery. Because Google filters billions of websites, it's important that you use a reputable supplier who can offer accounting and trusted statistics to enable you to come home to talented artists who can send the project in good time.

An agent or supplier with multiple voice over experts purchased to offer you a variety of options. Also, their experience when it comes to complex employment means that you not only have a job but also a trusted company that you can keep in your account should something not appear as you expected.

2. Call away from directories that have great pools of voice over professionals

While it's possible for you to land a talented musician to cope with your project, it's not good to send the project in a few talents in a moment.

Because most of the big sites will only let anyone join them and throw jobs, they tend to have thousands of members. These sites allow as many members as possible and can be registered because members pay money before they are allowed. Credible and validated voice over professionals will soon prevent sites that have thousands of enthusiastic competitors.

You should also do the same when you choose voice music. In addition, a list of thousands of voice over artists is difficult for you to resign to one qualified artist.

3. Cheaper is often more expensive so buyer beware

After receiving a quote in this industry for professional work in this sector, you should not choose the cheapest offer. As I mentioned before, the market has been flooded with someone as long as they have voice and microphone. Experts who perform good work are more likely to load much more compared to what's still coming up.

Although the beginning can try to lure you with cheaper prices, it's always a good idea to choose a reputable and professional company. Just like many other things in life, when it comes to voice commerce, expect to get what you paid for. Respectful companies will deliver high quality work compared to one that's just starting out.

However, this does not mean that you should always choose the highest bidder. Trade unions will charge prices that fall within a certain range. If it costs as business fees appear high out of this gap, you probably need to avoid this company.

4. Do not base your decisions on presentation as it's just the starting point

It may be that at this point you've identified a voice over which demo player looks great and very well-produced. However, this is not proof that their other work is great. This is because several studios can pick up and then produce virtual bikes for the upcoming voice over artists.

These can then be used to appear as they are the previous project tasks. However, this is not a big issue at times. However, when intending to enter into one of these talents, it is important to keep in mind that they can produce on their own without the manufacturer having a significantly lower quality compared to the show.

To this end, one should choose a voice company with international reputation. If you find that you are in direct contact with an artist, ask him or her to give you examples of recent projects that are not only similar but also one that was produced in your own recording studio.

If your project allows you to record an audio book, require that potential voices have a copy of previous tasks. It's possible that their corporate accounts, messages and ads that are professionally produced may not show their talents to tell out about an audio book.

5. Clarity and Fairness Becomes Strange

It's important that when you request voice over service, you make sure that you are as clear as possible regarding budget, project requirements and expectations . One way to discern a large voice over business from average is because a great company will explore the amount of work and set the correct questions so to get a precise quote from available musicals.

But you need to understand that it's your duty to provide a clear overview and description of your work and exposure and distribution. If the project is an increase in scope as well as participation in the voice, the company could be forced to charge more money than originally cited. You need to get a copy or a script just because of a collision or quotation.

6. Be Realistic of Time

This may sound common sense but often underestimate people the time it should take to come up with a script that is ready to record. Remember, there are many things involved in the script preparation, and these require enough time. For example, you need to set the time to listen to the various vocabulary sections that cover all audits and record the first draft.

There is no need, for example, to expel a closed script in the last minute when it bought due to ten days ago and is expected to get a result on the same day. To achieve this, it is important to set time early and even book in advance. If you have voice recognition that can take advantage of short notice and is always ready to record your script, you should know that he or she is not busy.

One good quality voice over artists is that they are always busy and therefore not available on short notice. They tend to do well with their recording programs.

7. Do not be fooled by lies

So you might think this is an easy money because it's only a microphone. Far from it! The specialist has many years of experience and will always speak at the right speed, speed and tone. This professional also knows that in order to bring a professional voice, he or she must know how to properly install the microphone.

Although the voice of professionals can speak to a microphone seems easy, it's never. They are professionalism developed and developed for many years.

Even most certified professionals need to perform some before sending the releases they are proud of. The recording is only one process. It takes talented audio processing techniques to get rid of the gaps, plosives, noticeable breaths, pops and saliva noise.

This requires many years of workouts and can sometimes be done by a technician. In short, 10 minutes can not be compared to a microphone with 10 minutes of voice that has been produced. For example, you can not possibly talk while you have a permanent smile or happy tone of face all the time.

In most cases, voice over work needs to do this for a long time. If you find this amazing, just try reading this post over the microphone and listen to your efforts thereafter. You will understand that it's not as easy as it seems.

8. Revisions are very time-consuming, avoid them completely

Review may hurt a lot of time. If possible, avoid as much as you can by doubling your manuscript behavior just before you start recording. If you miss a single word, it may mean a line, sentence or sometimes you need to reinstall the entire team. It can not be easy for the voice to reconstruct the moment and beat the tone and flow that was in the original piece.

On the other hand, there's no way you could possibly register one and then fix it in the middle. Another thing is that any new sound produced must be mixed well to fit the original recording. This may require complex audio processing. Therefore, double check the script for all errors to ensure that you have not reviewed as it may be time consuming time consuming.

9. Charges tend to vary from one expert to another.

Residents, like actors, charge their fame and popularity. If you are hiring a voice musician who has landed on public TV ads, they may not have the idea of ​​having to work for low fees.

It is also important to understand that voices tend to have different career structure and can therefore charge according to the current schedule and what is appropriate for the state of the industry. Therefore, one unified image can not be identified that can affect all voice artists.

It is quite necessary that you cite individual jobs and should be informed with specific information about a particular job. Good providers can provide more information about the job and then choose the best voice according to the budget.

10. Always Give Feedback and Gratitude If Your Job Is Made For Your Pleasure

At the production and recording level, customers are known to have enough communication. But not many of them can come back after the end of the project to announce that they got what they wanted and that it was a good job.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it's likely that the voice is a customer who likes to show gratitude and thanks. It is not difficult. Create simple email messages to thank them for good work. Allow the service provider to be aware that you like your work will encourage them to perform even better next time.


It is not easy to hire professional speech, such as hiring other professionals. The challenge here is that there are so many so-called experts out there and it will be very difficult to find the perfect one for you.

The article above explains ten things you must consider if you want a very high quality voice over. They include knowing that the price that is a single cost is likely to be different from what others choose, do not remember to call back and to thank the artist for a lot of work, triple checking to avoid review, being realistic about the time zone and be clear in so far as job requirements are inter alia.

Stating above can not necessarily guarantee an inappropriate voice, but it may be the difference between a good job and a great job. Keep the script and the likelihood that you will encounter the top of the voice over professionalism will be greatly improved.


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